The Big 50 (Part 2)

To read The Big 50 (Part 1) click here.

The second part of my day last year was more in line with what I consider appropriate for a milestone birthday. Getting a mammogram definitely was NOT.

For years I wanted a tattoo but never got one. I told my dear friend, Becky, what I wanted to do and doggone it, I did it. So did she.

The weird part of my day was that this was a milestone birthday and

1- My husband was working out of state.

2- There was serious flooding the day before and maneuvering around the city of Sioux Falls was challenging.

3- All of my other Ride-or-Die Girlfriends were in other states.

What a bummer.

After the mammogram from hell, Becky and I headed to our favorite Sioux Falls breakfast spot, All Day Cafe. They have French toast to die for. I mean lay-your-life-down-for-just-a-morsel kind of dying for! Becky, affectionally known as Becky with the good hair, took me there and I indulged in probably 2K calories followed by a piece of birthday cake. Waist-busting French toast and birthday cake! Hey, you only turn 50 and have a breast cancer scare on the same day once, right?

The thought of a tattoo was scary and I had made up my mind I would not chicken out. I found the design ahead of time and was ready to go. Becky decided on hers and off we went. My daughter met us at the tattoo shop with a camera. She just had to document her mother getting some ink and possibly screaming and crying, but there was none of that.

The crying actually came later.

My daughter later showed up at home with birthday cake for me. I love birthday cake.

When she walked in, I could tell she was upset and she said she was sorry. She uncovered my birthday cake and my name was misspelled, even after she corrected them at the store AND they took it in to back and made the “correction.” In her haste to get it home, she didn’t double check the correction. I laughed at it because it wasn’t that serious. I know she wanted it to be perfect for me, but honestly, I didn’t care. I just love cake. What a sweet gesture.

The cake read:
Happy Birthday Daphe! 50 looks good on you!


Who the heck is Daphe?

Happy Birthday to me!

4 thoughts on “The Big 50 (Part 2)

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  1. What a great reminiscing read! I had wanted to do so much for your birthday – I had lists of everything I’d need, plans I needed to make with your daughter to sneak it all by you to set up, and fun times for all! My health, once again, whittled those plans down to a drive to the doctor’s, tattoos and French toast. The love was there, though, and it was one of my best memories just because what we did, we did together!
    Much love, friend! ❤
    Becky (wtgh) 😄


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