November is NaNoWriMo

Years ago, I started writing along with hundreds, maybe even thousands of other writers during the month of November for what’s called NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. (For more information, check out their website

Years ago I was a writer—an avid writer. I took my books on the road to libraries, book signing events, writing conferences, used vacation days to write and always had a pen and a notebook in my bag or purse. However, after a few career changes, moving a few times and life happening, I stopped writing despite the fact that characters stuck in precarious situations were begging me to finish telling their stories. There are probably six, though I dare not literally count, works in progress on my laptop at this very moment. A writer’s brain is always working, although the writer may not actually be working.

So, last week, as I was looking at my calendar for something else, I saw NaNoWriMo begins was marked on my calendar for November 1 as it is every year. Sigh… My current work in progress will always be a work in progress if I don’t put my big girl pants on and finish the doggone thing.


I’m going all in. I’m doing it. Pray for me.

I reached out to my fellow writing partner, Donna Dickson Deloney, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: NaNo starts next Friday.

DDD: I know! I’m gonna put out a post about it. Are you doing it?

 Me: (Rolling my eyes) I saw it on the calendar, that’s how I knew. Usually we “back into it” so sure! I will take it seriously this time.

  DDD: Ok, we’ll hold each other accountable.

  Me: Ha ha

So, we’re doing it.

I just set up a new profile on because who knows how long it’s been since I last logged in. What email did I use? What password was I using back then? We’re doing it. Look for me on Twitter @daphinerobinson because I do plan to tweet about it.

Have a story you want to tell and need that kick in the you know what to get you going? Join Donna and me.

We’re going to do it. Really, we are!


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