Call Center Agent & the Creepy Caller

Several years ago, I worked for a company that answered calls and chats for Victoria’s Secret orders. For the most part, it was a good work-at-home job that paid reasonably well. A typical day would entail answering calls, placing orders, describing fabrics/materials, discussing size options, fit, etc. You know, typical call center/customer service stuff.

I eventually had my first call from what the other customer service agents nicknamed the Creepy Caller.

So, I was going through sizes and discussing material with what I thought was a man looking for something sexy for his girlfriend. Then the call went sideways.

“Does that come in red lace?”

“Yes, we do have it available in red. What size would you like?”

“Um, she’s tiny. Small?”

“Ok, sounds good. So, we have the red lace panty added to your cart. They are on sale today. You can get 4 more for the sale price. You have to buy 5 to qualify.”

“Um, yeah. What about this black thong I’m looking at?”

“Sure, I can add that to your cart. Now 3 more for the sale price.”

“Uh, yeah. Wait a minute. Whew… Yeah, I like that. It’s so hot. That’s sexy… Oh, yeah. That’s real sexy. Oooh, that’s it right there. Ohhh, yeah.”


Then, there was the sound. If you’re an adult, you know the sound I’m talking about. I’ll leave that right there… You can figure it out.


…and the call ended abruptly.

I was sitting at my desk in my home office feeling like I’d just been sexually harassed. That was the gross-est call I’ve ever had.

Then there were the misogynistic a**holes who would call in to complain about how some of the models looked. Dude, you have nothing better to do? Women come in all shapes, shades and sizes. Get a life for real.

Sooo, I typed all that to say this:

I received the latest Victoria’s Secret promo in the mail over the weekend and VOILA! There are women of all shades, shapes and sizes. I’ll bet there are men losing their sh*t over this one and I freaking love it!

Way to go Victoria’s Secret! Way to represent!

Representation matters.
Thanks, VS!

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