The Pursuit

I’m not your average girl. Well, at this point, I’m not a girl at all but that’s irrelevant…just know I’m not average.

  • I’ve always been different.
  • I’ve gone out of my way to be different.
  • I’ve taken the road less traveled many times.

Yeah, that girl. The one y’all thought was weird.

I made a hard left after graduating college many years ago. It was for the pursuit of something different. Sometimes those left turns and U-turns in life take you right where you need to be. It’s the pursuit that changes the trajectory of life.

My pursuit for more has left me with lots of UNsolicited advice from those I’ve known well and those who don’t know me well at all. Sometimes people project their fears upon me and wait for me to tremble. What they don’t realize is that I have my own fears. However, my fears are just road bumps when compared to theirs. Of course, there are things that cause me concern but I’m not a “scary” kind of person. If someone tells me I need to cross the long bridge to get to the island, even though I may have a fear of heights, especially high bridges over water, I’m still going to go because who knows what may be waiting for me on the island?

Moving, for example, is no biggie to me. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE MOVING and yes, those capital and bold letters DO indicate I am screaming! But each time we have moved, I have met some great people, made lifelong friends, learned a new culture or part of the US and gotten out of my comfort zone. I’m thankful for all of them, even the places I lived and didn’t really care for the city (and did a praise dance in the driveway when we left.)

But back to the pursuit…

The pursuit is not a chase. It’s a deliberate and sometimes slow drive up mountains and down long winding valleys. It’s the detour you hadn’t expected to happen but because you did, you saw something awesome, experienced something new, renewed your spirit, drive, or desire.

There’s always something next level. It’s there, right there and waiting to get out. Sometimes it’s stifled due to life circumstances. Sometimes it’s just waiting for me or you to finally sit down from helping everyone else.

Here’s my unsolicited advice:

  • Make an attempt to achieve your goals
  • Focus on you for a change

What does the journey look like? I have no idea.

Just pursue it and let me know when you do so I can celebrate your journey with you.



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