Randomly odd questions

I have been asked some of the strangest questions recently and I thought I’d share:
(The first one is my all-time favorite. Not really. I just get asked a lot.)

Q: May I touch your hair?
A: Um, NO, you may not. Do you ask people of other races if you can touch their hair?

Q: How do you wash your hair?
A: How do you wash yours?

Q: Don’t you get tired of moving?
A: What’s the point of having goals and dreams if you’re not willing to do the things it takes to reach them? Do you like to eat, live in a home and have food, income and job security? DUH

Q: You don’t have a job?
A: Nope and that’s my and Mr. Robinson’s business.

Q: Why do you like dogs so much?
A: Why not? What’s wrong with liking dogs? People like sewing, skiing, shopping, sailing, cats, wine… What’s wrong with dogs?

Q: You’re not afraid of living in Chicago?
A: Are you afraid of living in the South? They be killing us down there as well. So, yeah, there’s that. (Yep, I said they be!)

Q: Are you mixed?
A: What kind of dumb @ss question is that? Mixed with what? Lion, giraffe, hippopotamus, algae, blue paint?

Q: How do you pronounce your name?
A: Daphine. It rhymes with caffeine. It’s not Daff-nee.

Q: How do you wash your hair? How do you do your hair because it doesn’t grow out your scalp that way.
A: I wash my hair like you wash your hair; using shampoo and water. Dreadlocs are hard to explain. Google it.

AND THE ULTIMATE QUESTION (more of a comment.)

Comment: You sound like a white woman.
Response: UGH! How do white women sound? I just try to use what is considered correct English. Not every white woman uses correct English. Duh!

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