Things I learned in 2020

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  • Life is not promised. Not one day, one minute or one second is promised. 
  • People are more concerned about wiping their butts than wearing a mask.
  • A lot of people are stupid. Yeah, I said it.
  • Tell someone you love them. Tell a friend you love them.
  • Do what is right. Help someone other than yourself.
  • Believe in something. Something.
  • I learned what some of my non-melaninated “friends” really believe. It hurt, but at least I know we’re not really friends. Good-bye.
  • Live life to the fullest. Love yourself and find someone or something else to love. 
  • Laugh out loud. Laugh out loud often.
  • Racism and bigotry do not take a nap simply because there’s a pandemic.

What did you learn? 



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