Mother’s Day 2020 (Part 2)

(To read Part 1 click here.)

So, I did get to eat yesterday. I was told to stay in my office until I was told to come out. This was the one day of the year when I would let them tell me what to do. So I waited.

It was worth the wait.

Food was delayed because there were 2 cooks and 300 hundred orders for CRAB LEGS! My favorite! I was so happy and felt like Eddie Murphy clapping and saying Hercules, Hercules!

Let me back up a minute.

Last Thanksgiving we traveled to South Carolina and I found out my 102 year old grandmother was transitioning when I arrived. Her nurse said she probably wouldn’t make it to Christmas. It was heartbreaking but I certainly understood her time was near. I left knowing when I told her goodbye, it would be forever on this side. It was bittersweet but she lived a long time and I was happpy to be a 50 year old woman who still had a living grandparent and my children actually got to know their great grandmother.

She did in fact pass away the week before Christmas. I traveled back to SC to in my mind be support for my dad. I could also assist him with looking out for my own mom while he took care of arrangements for his mother.

Within the first few minutes of walking into the house, I learned my mother was transitioning as well. Wait, I was there for my grandma, no MY ma.

I just saw mom a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving, right? What happened?

Mom had battled Alzheimer’s Disease for years and we knew we’d probably outlive her, but wait just a doggone a minute!

I can’t explain the range of emotions that ravaged my body and mind within the first 15 minutes of being back.

So, we celebrated my grandmother’s life and tried to prepare our hearts and minds to say goodbye to my mother. Dad encouraged me to go back home to be with my family for Christmas. It was difficult to leave but he was right. There really wasn’t anything I could do and I had a family of my own in our new home in a new city.

Before I left, I told her I loved her. On January 3, 2020 she left this world.

I had already made up in my mind Mother’s Day 2020 was going to be a non event for me. I honestly didn’t really want to think about it. However, I am a mother and if my family wanted to celebrate me and my life, so be it.

So back to the meal…

It was great and I guess I should say it was worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite and was so happy to get some sunshine on what everyone had assumed would be a gloomy day for me. Although, I couldn’t call or video chat with either of them, I know they’re much better off.

I’m still eating cake…

(We’re still on quarantine due to the pandemic.)


  1. That sounds like a lovely ending for your day. I know it wasn’t easy for you, but I’m glad your family thought enough of you to celebrate you. You should be celebrated!


  2. Daphine, you know that I always love your work. I want you to know that I love you and will always love Rich and the kids. Thank you for sharing your heart, I needed this Lisa Christian

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