Mother’s Day 2020 (Part 1)

I took a good old Mother’s Day nap today. I knew my family was doing something special so I got some zzz’s and let them do their thing. When I woke up, I went to the kitchen and started tiding up since yesterday’s grunge was still present and they probably hadn’t thought about the aspect of cleaning the kitchen before bringing in the Mother’s Day surprise.

Side note: I can’t do anything in the kitchen when it hasn’t been cleaned. The quarantine has made it hard to stay on top of things like that because I’m not used to having people in the house 24/7 and eating every freaking meal at home, day after freaking day.

If I have to clean this bleepity-bleep kitchen one mo’ time.

Amidst the kitchen cleaning, I heard the garage door open. Woo hoo, they were back. My son walked in with a share size bag of Carmel M&Ms which are my favorite. The bag was open, and he’d been eating them. Apparently, they were his and not part of the Mother’s Day surprise. 

I took a handful anyway. 

My daughter proceeded to tell me she was sorry, but they had a nice quarantine day planned for me but now things had changed slightly because the food wasn’t ready when they went to pick it up. 

Surely they were punking me, right?

Go get the food from your car, stop playing.

They were not playing. 

Apparently, the restaurant had 300 orders today but only 2 cooks. They were not pranking me. (What kind of restaurant was this and what did they order?)

Now I sit at my desk. It is 7:25 pm and she just got back with our order. I was told to stay in my office until they call me to come out.

More to come in Mother’s Day 2020 Pt 2.


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