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Too Many Lies – Deidre Thompson believed her marriage was finally on the right track. After all, her husband, Stanley told her there would be no more secrets, no more lies. When they move back home to their hometown after being away for fifteen years, Deidre discovers a family secret that shakes the foundation of their unsteady marriage.Through the pain, she remains committed to him because of her vows and faith, despite the evidence she holds in the palm of her hand. When Stanley’s lies and old secrets are uncovered, they are enough to send Deidre running-straight to Las Vegas-to an old friend and into the arms of another man. Sometimes it takes a woman a long time to realize what everyone else has seen since the beginning. He’s not the one.

Suicide Journal – On the day she plans to take her own life, Melissa has an encounter with God. Sixteen-year-old Melissa has watched her dad mentally and physically abuse her mother for years. She cries herself to sleep almost every night because of the fighting and lives in fear of what might happen next in a house that has never known joy, peace or love. When the abuse turns from her mother and toward Melissa, she flees in the middle of the night, vowing to die before she would ever go back. With a plan in mind and a little determination, she sets forth to leave a world that has shown her nothing but grief. The day she decides to activate her plan, two friends invite her to a teen event sponsored by a local church. Once there, she discovers the love of God and learns there are always options–but Melissa has made a decision that could change everything.

Brotherly Love & Betrayal – When a woman is fed up, she may not think clearly; even if she is saved. For months, Crystal Moore’s husband, Donnie, has worked more hours than he’s ever worked. He’s unusually distant, and intimacy has gone out of the window. She has no idea what is going on with him, even though she’s tried talking to him repeatedly with no luck. The more she prods him for information, the more he shuts her down.
Unhappily married Stephen, Donnie’s older brother, makes it his goal to keep Crystal smiling, and she could talk to him for hours about nothing. Unwilling to give up, she’s sure that God has a plan to fix her ten-year marriage, but will she allow Him or take matters into her own hands despite her beliefs? Brotherly Love & Betrayal is the story of a woman, two brothers, and two secrets. [Publisher’s Note: Crystal and Stephen are friends of the couple in Robinson’s powerful second novel, Caring What People Think. Download it to find out what happens when the dust settles.]

Mommy Moments – Mommy Moments is a collection of humorous, real-life stories about parenting through the eyes of Amazon bestselling author, Daphine Glenn Robinson.
After years of infertility issues and miscarriages, Robinson was able to conceive not one, but two beautiful children. Life soon turned crazy in the Robinson household. As she emailed the goofy events that occurred on typical days to friends and family, the messages were met with laughter and not sympathy for the tired and worn out married mother of two. She decided to keep a journal of her moments and later turned years of entries into what became Mommy Moments.

Caring What People Think – Russell Brown is the most eligible bachelor at Outreach Fellowship Church. He’s career minded, has his own money and is successful. He’s tired of dating and has vowed not to casually date, but to find Mrs. Brown. Battling depression since her father’s death, Dannica Rawlins sees nothing good in her present or future and feels she has no reason to live. At the end of her rope, she meets Russell just in time.
After dating for only a few months, Russell is sure she is the one to take his last name. Will Dannica allow God and a good man to love her pain away? Or will her determination to hold on to the past ruin the best thing that could happen to her?
Find out in this inspirational novel about mental illness, hope and forgiveness.
If you liked Robinson’s first novel, Brotherly Love and Betrayal, you’re sure to love Caring What People Think.