I’ve been called goofy. I’m ok with that.

In 2005 all I had was a vision and a story. Today, my dreams are a reality. Writing is the easy part, publishing and maintaining a publishing career is where the challenge lies. But all things are possible with God on your side. Whatever your passion, stay in your lane and do you—not what others want you to do.

As for publishing, I promised God  if I ever became a published author, I’d give him all of the praise, honor and glory, and I do. This is a gift he gave me. You have yours. What is it? I encourage you to achieve your dreams, whether it is to be a published author or something else. Take the first step. Believe you can.


God gave them to you for a reason!

I am a witness that God does hear and answer prayer.

A word from Daphine

I’m lovin’ my indie writing life.

I’m so glad you stopped by to see what I’m up to. This website, Books, Writing & Life, is my passion. As you probably guessed, I love books, writing and talking about life; particularly my life as a parent and all of the things that happen in life in general.

Check out the site, search old posts and by all means, leave comments. I host different blog series throughout the year such as Tips for aspiring authors, A blurb about your___, Run For God and Mommy Moments. Sometimes I even have guest bloggers participate in discussions or interviews.

Check out my books, too. I write faith-filled novels, so if you’re into that sort of read, check them out. Just think of them as television dramas with people of faith or in need of faith, LOL. (Sex, deception, betrayal, lots of drama, etc.)

You never know what nugget of information you might find here. Grab a cup of coffee and hang around for a while.


Did you say blog?

I read a blog that said part of blogging fun is its ability to be anonymous. Well, I guess I blew that one when I registered my blog under my domain name. At any rate, you know my name; now, I’ll tell you a little about me (in case you haven’t figured out that removing the word “blog” from my URL will take you to my website, where you can find all sorts of info on me).

Who am I?
 I am Daphine Robinson, known affectionately as “Book Diva.” I think about books when I’m asleep, and when I’m awake I’m usually writing something. I know—I’m special.

What do I do?
 Well in 2010, my job quit me. I didn’t quit my job. After six years at my job as a human resource manager, my position was eliminated the week of my six year anniversary. Wow, right? But since I had this whole writing passion thing going for me, I turned my lemons into lemonade and voila! Here I am.

What am I talking about?
 Books, writing, and life. Okay, seriously, I love to chat about writing in particular, because we all have to do it one way or another. I just probably take it a little more seriously than most people. Writing and books go hand in hand for me. You can’t write effectively if you’re not a reader. Life? Well, that’s the part that makes me laugh and cry. I like to talk about news stories, my views on parenting, and things that make the world go around. Basically, anything that doesn’t fall into the book or writing category is life to me.

What gives me the right to talk about anything?

Well, I’ve been on this earth and worked long enough to know a little something. I know that education isn’t everything, but I do have a few degrees too. Okay, if I must sound professional, my full name is:

Daphine Glenn Robinson 

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Mass Communications

Master of Business Administration Degree

Freelance copy writer



Human resource professional

Wife and mother

Need I say more?

What am I doing here?
 It’s my domain. I have a right to be here. LOL

Why am I doing it here?

What better place to blog than at home?



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