About Me

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I’ve been called goofy.
I’m ok with that.

In 2005 all I had was a vision and a story. Today, my dreams are a reality. Writing is the easy part, publishing and maintaining a career as a writer is where the challenge lies. But all things are possible with God on my side.

Believe me when I say whatever your passion is, stay in your lane and do you—not what others want you to do.

As for publishing, I promised God  if I ever became a published author, I’d give him all of the praise, honor and glory and I do. This is a gift he gave me. You have yours. What is it? I encourage you to achieve your dreams, whether it is to be a published author or something else. Take the first step. Believe you can.


God gave them to you for a reason!

I am a witness that God does hear and answer prayer.

A word from Daphine

I’m lovin’ the blogger/writer life and I’m so glad you stopped by to see what I’m up to. This website, Books, Writing & Life, is my baby. As you probably guessed, I love books, writing and talking about life; particularly my life as a parent and all of the things that happen in life in general.

Check out the site, search the posts and by all means, leave comments.

Check out my books, too. I write faith-filled novels, so if you’re into that sort of read, check them out. Just think of them as television dramas with people of faith or in need of faith, LOL. (Sex, deception, betrayal, lots of drama, etc.)

You never know what nugget of information you might find here. Grab a cup of coffee and hang around for a while.