…on the first day of my new job!

Some things can and will only happen to me. My mom used to frequently say this about herself, “I’m so clumsy.”
I’ve found myself saying that about myself a lot lately.

Let me back up for a moment.

I am passionate about 2 things (other than my faith, family and writing) and they are dogs and plants. I love dogs and I’m the one who will buy the discounted, withered plant at Home Depot because all it needs is for the brown leaves to be removed and some water.

Recently, I was offered a staff position at an animal shelter where I have volunteered for years. Woo hoo! How exciting, right?

Wait, let me back up…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

People have asked me over the years, Why you don’t go work for an animal shelter or a veternarian since you like dogs so much? My logic was if I got paid then it’s no longer fun, it’s work. Honestly, I think it is still true somewhere in the back of my mind BUT why not give it a shot, have fun AND get paid?

It started making sense, kinda. So, I said yes and accepted the offer.

You’d think on first day things would go smoothly, right?
I mean what could go wrong on my VERY FIRST DAY?

I toured our brand new state of the art facility. It was very spacious, had lots of windows and glass doors for natural light, and lots of things you just generally don’t see at your average animal shelter. (My shelter is better than yours! I’m kidding, I’m kidding.)

I saw some of my fellow volunteers and we were reunited. The pandemic had left us separated and trying to maintain 6 feet of distance when the shelter was actually open, but the new camaraderie and actually being in person at the new place with all its bells and whistles was super cool.

I’ll cut to the chase. I walked into one of those beautiful, glorious, very clean windows and busted my face real good. When I say I busted my face, I mean like dislocated 3 teeth, lacerated my tongue in 2 places and had to go to the ER to get stitches in my tongue. I lost lots of blood and lost hella cool points.

It was my first day. It was supposed to be a fantastic new beginning. BUT IT WAS NOT!

Did you know they can’t really numb your tongue?

Me either! Honestly, I never had a reason to EVER think about tongue numbing. I received a couple of tongue injections to help take the edge off but I felt every last one of those stitches. (Jesus did not take the wheel!)

It’s been about nine months and my tongue finally feels somewhat normal. There’s still a spot that will probably always be numb but at least I can chew and taste. As for my teeth, after having temporary braces to keep them in place, one tooth in particular is still a bit loose and will always be that way but I can bite an apple. The orthodontist says I may need to have it removed one day, but for now, I wear a retainer at night and don’t really notice it.

Now I understand why birds fly into windows.
They’re so clean.
And clear.

So, yeah…there’s that. A freak accident would only happen to me.

Share a freak accident you endured. (I need to know I’m not the only one!)


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