First Winter 2015 – How Cold Is Cold?

December 12, 2015

Sioux Falls has had 3 snowfalls so far. There’s a lot of snow and the inches rack up quickly in  no time.


A few weeks ago, our first snowfall was supposed to be for 1-3 inches. When I walked outside, snow was up to my calf! What in the world? I think it was safe to say the meteorologist missed the mark on that one.

We also had our first WHITE Thanksgiving last month. It was certainly a first but according to the weather reports, this is an el nino year so it’s unusually warm although it has been in the 20’s and 30’s. To this southern girl, that is C-O-L-D.

When I traveled here to “scope the land” in April 2015, I sat next to a Sioux Falls native on the plane. She, in great detail, described how cold it gets here, even going as far as saying it ain’t cold until snot freezes on your face.


So, I’ve heard about the negative temperatures when it’s so cold you have to wear layers, official cold weather gear that apparently you can only get out here, foot/hand warmers and keep emergency snow kits in your car in case they shut the interstate down and you can’t travel. Food, water, ice melt, blankets… Huh? SHUT DOWN THE INTERSTATE?

Coat? Yeah, I found one for this kind of cold weather foolery.



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