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Welcome to Week 9 of the Mommy Moments Blog Series. Time is winding down, and I am so thankful for all of the guest bloggers who have participated this summer.

Bestselling author, Tia McCollors, is our guest this week.
Welcome to Books, Writing and Life, Tia. (Below is Tia’s post.)

I am the happy (and usually tired) mother of a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. When I first left the corporate world in 2006 to stay at home with my son, I had an extremely warped view of what my life would be like. I thought there wasn’t “much” an infant could do to take up my time…my writing time to be exact. I had this grand plan. Hmmm…as a matter of fact I’m still waiting for that perfect plan to fall into place!

As a woman-wife-mommy of faith, I finally decided to follow God’s plan. Let’s just say I didn’t go skipping merrily into this new life. I went kicking and screaming. Don’t get me wrong – I’m madly in love with my children. But back in the day as a single woman, I was a go-getter. Some might say a hustler — in the nicest sense of the word!

But that’s not my life anymore, and I have no regrets. Well, let me take that back because I do have one. I wish I would’ve written down all of the insightful, hilarious AND even embarrassing things that my children have said and done. I swear they’re going to think I’m lying when I retell these stories when they’re thirty-two and thirty-five years old. I sure hope Facebook is still around because I’ve posted quite a few of those moments online. And you know what? Posts and status updates about my children get way more “likes” and “comments” than any inspirational quote, my insights, and marketing nuggets about my books. I guess I’m not the only person fascinated and entertained by these two little human beings.

So when folks ask how I manage and (supposedly) balance motherhood and my work/writing life, my answer is simple.

Tia's latest release: Steppin' Into the Good Life

“One day at a time.” Of course, there are the practical things and systems that we as mommies put into place so that our households tick like clockwork. But yet and still, it’s all….”one day at a time.”

Each day I’ve learned that motherhood has been God’s way of holding up a mirror in my face!

I think about the time when my son was pretending to be a chef and brought me a bowl of plastic food. I pretended to eat it and asked him what it was? Chicken and broccoli casserole? Tuna pasta? Cheeseburger pie? (All favorites in my house). His answer spoke loud and clear.

“No, Mommy. It’s the fruit of the spirit. And you need to eat it ALL up! (So now my son has all of this spiritual insight from going to Sunday School.)

And no more than two weeks ago I had a few ….ahem….unkind words for a man who zipped in front of me and stole the space at the gas pump that I was backing up into. He was sarcastic and could’ve cared less that I had two hungry children that I was rushing home to feed. However, from the back seat in her sweetest, little raspy voice, my daughter said, “Don’t be rude, Mommy. Be sweet.”

“But wasn’t he being rude to Mommy?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she was quick to say. “But don’t be rude. Always be nice,” she said, not letting me off the hook.

I pumped my gas and rode off with smoke still puffing out of my ears, but at least I knew the principles I’ve been trying to teach (in word and deed) were sticking. Just like the melted gummy bears I found under car seats when I took them out to vacuum the car.

So there you are…my take on Books (I’ll get back to writing after summer break), Writing (more posts on Facebook than anything else), and Life (with two little mini-me’s in the house).
Tia McCollors is the author of five faith-filled novels and other notes on scraps of paper that will one day make their way into a book. You can find her online at www.TiaMcCollors.com, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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