Too Many Lies is free Labor Day weekend (Fri-Sat)

This is what  happens when you have your hands in too much stuff at once. I just happened to be cruising Amazon and noticed my book was free this weekend. Yeah, I scheduled it that way a while back when I was trying to be efficient and do “intentional marketing,” but I totally forgot about it. I’m glad I noticed or else I wouldn’t have been able to promote it on my social media sites. Anyway, it’s free. Hopefully, you’ve read it. If you haven’t, download it and read it. It’s on me this weekend. Tell a friend.

Here’s the link: Download on Kindle

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2 Responses to Too Many Lies is free Labor Day weekend (Fri-Sat)

  1. Jamesina Greene says:

    I was so encouraged and inspired by your latest BLOG. Sometimes you do get discouraged when not getting the responses you that you would, thanks for the push!

  2. Daphine says:

    Im glad you were inspired, Jamesina. The writers’ life is an interesting one. Interesting, indeed.

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