Tips For Aspiring Authors [#4] Start a Blog

Tip #4 Start a Blog

Blog (noun) a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; (also: the contents of such a site)

When I started writing years ago, I had a few people in my circle who encouraged me along the way. I wanted to share my journey through the process of becoming a published author, so I started a blog. I hadn’t written anything other than my manuscript, and I kinda went at it blindly; without focus in any particular area. I began by posting once a week. Then life would happen and it would end up being once a month until several months had passed and no one cared about checking to see if I had new content.

Blogging takes committment.I’ve had about five blogs over the last six years. I really wish I hadn’t deleted the earlier ones, but I’ve finally found my niche this time. Earlier this year, I decided to create yet another blog and really maintain it. How can I be an author and not? People want to hear what I have to say, right?

Blogging takes commitment. (Notice how I put those words in bold.) Blogging regularly can be quite overwhelming. If you can’t commit, don’t start. How many times have you been invited to follow a blog but the content wasn’t updated regularly? You stopped visiting, right? Ever researched something only to stumble upon an outdated blog? How credible did you think the information was?

A friend of mine said that I’ve always had something to say. I guess she’s right. When I considered the idea of blogging again this year, I set out to make it a blog about things that interested me, not just a blog for the sake of having a blog. Plenty of authors have blogs. What would make mine unique?

Books. Writing. Life. These are the things I’m always talking about to my friends and family, and on Facebook and Twitter. Why limit myself to one topic? Books, Writing & Life has had more site visits than I initially imagined, and apparently, I do have something to say that people want to read.

Inspired to blog? Think about a topic you could blog about regularly. Do you have enough content to keep it going indefinitely? Do you have a sense of humor? Does your voice identify with a particular segment of the blog-reading community?

Think about it before registering a blog name with Blogger or WordPress. Make sure the name fits the content of your blog. If you visited BW&L and I always talked about my miniature schnauzer, would you come back? It helps me to keep a file of potential blog topics for those weeks I have no new material. Sometimes I write something for a future post and keep it in the Drafts folder.  When the time comes, all I need to do is edit it, insert a picture and post it.

I’ve found my niche. What’s yours?


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