[Tips for Aspiring Authors #22] Social Media Presence Pt 1

Even though my last book was promoted in 2012, I am still VERY active on social media. I get comments from those “friends” I  know personally who say You’re always on Facebook, aren’t you? Darn skippy, I am. They are the ones who don’t understand my purpose for using social media. Sure, if I was just Daphine,  I probably  wouldn’t hop on as much because I honestly don’t know 2000 people. But since I have created these characters readers like, I need to be on at least once a day. How will people connect with me if I don’t?

Log on in the morning while you have your coffee. Update your status and voila, you are social!

Log on in the morning while you have your coffee. Update your status and voila, you are social!

It doesn’t matter if I have a book out right now or not, to them I’m still Daphine Glenn Robinson, the author. We still have that connection and even though I’m not currently promoting, that relationship still need nurturing so when the next book comes out, BOOM, I have readers.

So, aspiring author, what’s this about you not wanting to be on social media? You want to sell books, don’t you? Maybe you don’t.

When I wrote Brotherly Love & Betrayal, MySpace was the big thing. I’d log in and just talk about where I was promoting, post my tour calendar, take pictures with people at events like I was the wo-man and peeps would see me and think I was the boss lady.

Then Facebook came along and we abandoned our MySpace pages for more interaction. We got up close and personal and began telling our every moves–until people complained that they didn’t want to know our every move. We, I’m speaking of  us writer-types, love interacting with people. I mean if we didn’t, how would we sell ourselves, our personas, or our books?

And then there was Twitter. What’s the hoopla about the 140 character post? Read my new book, Deception and Lies, the sequel to Too Many Lies. You love to hate Stanley, right? Well, he’s back and he has a lot to say! is exactly 100 characters. It’s quick, easy and in real-time. I think of it as the social media site for those with short attention spans. I check in from time to time just to see what folks are posting, and then I’m out just as quickly. For me, it’s not a place to linger, but depending on your agenda, you may see differently.

My advice is to at least start with Facebook and Twitter, but don’t just create the account, use  it!

Post frequently.
Talk to followers/friends.

People like getting up close and personal with you. It’s the era we live  in. Go ahead. Put yourself out there.


Up next: Pinterest, Instagram and Google+


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  1. kimyatta says:

    Can’t wait to see about Pinterest, Instagram and Google+….

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