Tips for Aspiring Authors [#22] Don’t stop writing

Recently, I saw someone I used to know in the “town meeting hole” otherwise known as the local Walmart. We met many years ago after I’d finished my second book and he worked a contract job at the place where I was working as the HR lady. This guy was a singer, had recorded a few tracks and I still have a copy of his CD. Interestingly when we saw each other, we both wanted to know if the other was still on the their respective grind. I am. He is. How awesome!

Find time to do what you love!

Find time to do what you love!

Although we are still working 9 to 5’s, the burning desire to be creative is still there. The songs are still in his head, the stories are still in mine. Although we’re working and having to do what we love in our spare time after work and family, we still are writing and singing. In other words, doing our thing.

This post is to remind someone to keep going. It’s been three years since my last book but I’m still writing. I haven’t had a signing in three years, but I’m not finished–I’m starting over.



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  2. You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

  3. Love the barn pictures, Tricia. We certainly saw many neat barns when we traveled the back roads in West VA and Ohio…. Thought about you!!!!Great photos.Hugs,Betsy

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  5. Congrats, Katharina!! I can't believe it's been a year!! It's been a privilege getting to know you, both through your blog & through the HH design team. I love love love your sketches ~~ I always need help in that area ~~ & just finished a card using one which I will post on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

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