Tips for aspiring authors [#20] Blog often to build an audience

Things take time. It’s that simple.

Feed the need to share

What are you waiting for? Blog!

Take this blog for example. It has taken a lot of time for me to build up readership, followers and a regular schedule, but it is finally taking off. It took time to get here. Almost two years to be exact, and by my standards, I’m still not there. Would I like to see more subscribers when I look at my dashboard? Sure I would, but I’m thankful for the ones I have because almost two yeas ago I had NONE.

However, my active subscribers engage in the blog and share posts with their friends. Those friends in turn look me up on social media, and voila! I have a larger audience and potential readers of not only the blog, but whatever I write in the future. It’s a win-win situation. Likewise, when I link blog posts to my social media accounts, “friends” who aren’t followers of the blog click the links and now they know about Books, Writing & Life. Again, a win-win.

Back to you and your journey to publication. It should take time because you are building your brand and your brand is what will set you apart from the rest of us. When I began writing in 2005, all I knew was I had this story that had to get out. I knew no one and no one knew of me. It has taken me this long to find my voice as the quirky woman on Facebook and Twitter who writes those books with crazy characters who need redeeming.

Back then I started a blog, Daphine’s Place, about how I was writing a book and how I believed God would put me where He wanted me to be. I blogged about how frustrating it was to get rejection letters. I blogged about how friends supported or didn’t support me. I blogged about a lot of stuff, then quit.

Then I’d delete that blog and start another one but wouldn’t update it.

In 2011 I finally decided to blog consistently–no matter what, I promised myself that I would find something to say and to keep this thing going. It has really helped me connect with a wider audience and helped me write, especially when I wasn’t working on a project. Blogging is something for readers to read while they’re waiting on your next book. If you do it often enough, you’ll gain a good little following and who knows who’s watching.

Blog often to build an audience. Find topics you like to talk about and build your blog around that theme. Ask friends to be guest bloggers. Link blog posts from other people’s sites to your site. As you finish up your first book, write about your journey to publication. People want to know what you’re doing and folks will come to your site who will never comment–but they’re watching you. You could be that person that helps motivate them to  do something. Last year I did a few posts on characters from my book, Too Many Lies. It helped readers get inside the head of the characters from the way I see them. It was fun for me so find ways to make it fun and exciting for you and your readers. Get creative!

As always, feel free to comment and don’t ever hesitate to email me at if you have questions.


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2 Responses to Tips for aspiring authors [#20] Blog often to build an audience

  1. Kimyatta says:

    So…how did you tell people about your blog? How long (and I know it’ll take time..) before your first blog became more than just a public diary (if that makes sense)?

  2. Daphine says:

    I started this one, which I think is blog #5, in 2011. The first few posts were just me writing stuff. Look over there>> to the right above the Facebook box and click on April 2011. Those posts were my attempts at “doing something.”

    I didn’t even tell people I had started yet another blog until I started the Tips For Aspiring Authors series. That’s what got it rolling. Once I saw it was a hit, I started posting links to the posts on FB to get people to visit the site.

    Last year in April, I started ABAY (A blurb about your ___) where I celebrated other authors/small businesses/whatever. I celebrated all month long with 2 featured stories per week and I think that helped me as well.

    ABAY begins again this April. It’s been 2 years! Woo hoo!

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