Tips for Aspiring Authors [#18] Don’t worry about who HAS NOT read your work

When you write your first book, people will be excited for you.
Yes, you.
Their friend.
Their sibling.
Their coworker.
Their neighbor.

Remember the glimmer you had in your eyes a long time ago when you mentioned that you wanted to write a book one day? Remember your best friend/sister/parent/whomever saying how cool it would be and how you’d be on a bestsellers’ list and they would boast about how they knew you way back when? Yeah, keep that feeling and motivation but lose the thought of folks you know being with you for every release, every signing, every whatever.

It simply won’t happen.

Angry couple

It’s okay, don’t get angry if your loved ones haven’t read your book. Will it really stop you from writing?

People have their own lives to live, you need to live yours. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll develop thicker skin and won’t be disappointed when they don’t show up to support you. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not supporting you, it means you’re doing your thing and that thing you’re doing doesn’t necessarily have to be their thing. (Say that five times as fast as you can.)

Don’t lose heart, faith or your purpose on your journey just because those who started out with you have fallen by the wayside, or so you think. It’s all right. Some people aren’t meant to finish your race with you. Some are there to encourage you to simply run. Some are there to cheer for you at the finish line. Some may say keep up the good work. Some may return to their car after the race begins and drive off, hoping to hear that you got too tired and quit. Whatever you do, do not be discouraged by what your friends and family do or don’t do regarding your writing journey. It’s your gift and you must use it, regardless of what they do.

You know what? It really doesn’t matter what they do. What matters is what you do.

I don’t really think all of my friends have read my books. It used to bother me and I’d ask periodically, but now I can confidently and without hesitation say, WHATEVER. I have readers, books are selling and that’s all that really matters. My work is getting in the hands of people who don’t know me, and that is the goal anyway, to reach new, untapped readers, right?

So, keep writing the stories you’ve been given. Keep thinking through plots, developing characters and creating drama. It’s your gift and no one can take it from you. Your friends are still your friends, your family is still your family and you are still a writer—even if they haven’t or never will pick up your work to read it.



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6 Responses to Tips for Aspiring Authors [#18] Don’t worry about who HAS NOT read your work

  1. Jamesina Greene says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Really appreciate it.

    • Daphine says:

      Hey, Jamesina! Thanks for stopping by. I have to encourage myself some days, so I might as well spread it around.

      Don’t forget to follow the blog.

  2. Daphine says:

    Thanks for commenting, Jackie.

    I got tired of being mad at folks, so I figured I’d “school” the new-school people so they won’t go down the same road.

  3. Cherlisa says:

    Daphine, I love your positive attitude shift on that subject. I think it’s a great thing to prepare new authors for. I haven’t experienced it yet as an author but I have in my real estate profession, so I do expect it will happen in my writing career as well.

    What I believe is that the people that really love and support you will be there for you. Even if they are slow moving, they will at some point. I believe some are slow because they are living their own lives. Also, some don’t always realize how important what you do is to you and that it really is a business. Nevertheless, they will support, eventually. For those that never do. Well, I’m not so sure if they are really in your corner but it’s good to know where you stand with people. Your perspective is a good one, to keep it moving. If they aren’t in your corner, they certainly shouldn’t stop you from living your dream.

    You are a phenomenal author and I really appreciate the wisdom you impart on those of us following in your footsteps. Keep doing what you are doing because God has his hand on it and you, my sister.

    • Daphine says:

      Thanks for commenting, Cherlisa.

      I’m just trying to share a little wisdom. It’s been a long road and this journey is far from over. I appreciate the people who’ve blessed me over the years and I want to do the same.

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