Tips For Aspiring Authors [#12] Journal


Tip #12 Journal

Journal- a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.

Journaling has always been very cathartic for me. What better way, other than cussing someone out, can you say exactly what’s on your mind and walk away feeling completely purged? (I’m laughing out loud as I write this.)

I believe it is important for aspiring authors to journal. Capture your thoughts, feelings and ups and downs. Record your writing journey.

Journaling can be therapeutic.

You know I write inspirational fiction, right? A daily entry for me might include telling God how frustrated I am that I received another rejection letter or how my plot isn’t unfolding as I’d planned. Some days the entry may be times when I’m feeling extremely optimistic and I ask him to bless my mind, hands and creativity to write the stories he’s given me—and a wide range of other topics in between.

Sometimes it’s a praise journal. Some days it’s a prayer journal.

There are days I’ve written about my day which may not have been spectacular, but just a day in the life of Daphine. Whatever you’re writing about, just write.

A writer writes, right?

Even an aspiring writer who isn’t currently working on a manuscript should be writing something. It amazes me how awesome it is to pick up a journal from years ago and read a particular day’s entry. I’m amazed at how writing something down one day, is still inspiration for me years later. Oftentimes what I wrote about or wished for, came true—others haven’t—some I’m glad stayed right there on the pages.

My journaling process consists of me getting a new journal at the beginning of each year, even if I didn’t use all the pages of the past year.

New Year = New Beginning.

I recently spent a few days reading a journal from 1999. I was blown away from the things I wrote back then. I wrote with such conviction and power. I boldly asked God to make something of my future and the future is now. It was an awesome exercise. I cried on some pages and smiled on others, but it was a process I needed to go through back then and I’m so glad I did.

So, I ask you to try it. Remember, writers write. Even if you’re writing about your day, your frustration, whatever it may be, writing is awesome therapy and may lead to a story idea. If not, it keeps the mind and fingers going—the literary juices flowing. Know what I mean?

I digress…try it.



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