Tips For Aspiring Authors [#9] Engage In Social Media

Tip #9 Engage in Social Media

Got friends?

Got friends?

Befriend other authors, writers, poets, etc. on social media platforms. It’s a good thing. See what they’re talking about. Get to know them by commenting on their threads or liking a status occasionally.

I started out by just reading some of my favorite authors’ daily posts. I didn’t necessarily post comments until I felt more comfortable. It gave me an idea of what social media etiquette was like, and what authors were talking about.

I suggest doing this so they’ll know you, and you’ll essentially get to know them. Well, at least the public/social media side of them. Many, or shall I say most of us like interacting with people. That’s why we’re on SM in the first place and it helps us build a good base of readers. Start by letting your friends know what you’re writing. They will be some of your first fans and will be the ones to trump knowing you from the beginning.

So, get involved. Socialize a little and put yourself out there.

How will we know you if you don’t?

Be blessed.


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