Thursday morning encouragement [Run For God #5]

Oh Em Gee! I found two videos I never shared with my BWL family! I totally forgot about these and actually uploaded one to YouTube a few weeks ago and forgot about it! (Click the picture to view the first one.)

It’s funny looking at them now because I know the pain I was going through when I recorded them. My face looks sooo different! Wow!

You can do it!

You can do it!

Let me set this up for you. As many of you know I’ve been on this running thing all year. I started at the first of the year, joined a local Run For God group, ran my first 5K and have been going ever since. If you follow my personal page on Facebook, you know I’ve been posting about the reasons I run and have also posted about two separate visits to the doctor within the last couple months. These were the best visits ever! All good news and they were blown away by my fitness efforts.

I hope I am encouraging someone.

I recently heard someone say they’re tired of seeing someone else’s posts on Facebook all the time. My comment to them was either delete them or select not to see their statuses in the newsfeed–which is an option. However, I really hope I am encouraging someone. My thought process is and has always been if someone else can do it, so can I. I know we all have different capabilities, but even if I can’t physically do what someone else does, I can try to do what Daphine is capable of doing if I so desire.


  1. Step out. Step out in faith and believe you can make a change. Start! Whatever it is, just start toward the goal. Step by step.
  2. Continue. Keep going even when it feels like you might fail. A lot of tears have been shed on the streets and green ways of my city–not because I was failing, but because I was fighting to continue. While my legs were saying girl stop, my brain was saying girl, we can do this!
  3. Celebrate. Celebrate your victories. Whatever it is, if you hadn’t achieved it before, celebrate and then set another goal.

Remember, you can’t achieve your goals if you don’t start. Many dreams die because we NEVER act on them. Don’t forget to click the picture above to watch the video. Don’t laugh too hard. 🙂


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4 Responses to Thursday morning encouragement [Run For God #5]

  1. Berta says:

    Keep going, Daphine! You’re my shero!

  2. Beverly says:

    This is awesome friend. Thanks, I needed this. Please don’t stop your encouraging post

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