Think Outside the Box [Amazon KDP Select]

Recently an unpublished friend of mine finished her first manuscript. In her quest for knowledge, she often asks me questions.

Lots of questions.

At times, she challenges me about why/how I do things regarding writing and publishing. When she asked me why I hadn’t put my books on Amazon’s KDP Select program, my response was “…because then I’d have to give Amazon exclusive rights to my eBooks and I don’t want to do that.”

I thought that was the end of the discussion until she shot me a text message asking me to check out one of her Facebook friends’ post. When I logged on to see who the woman was, she was an author who’d uploaded her own book to Amazon KDP Select and had over 10,000 downloads in just one weekend.

So, I was convinced.

That was in January. When I thought about it, it made sense to make the move. I realized that I’d sold about six eBooks between Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, and Sony in December. That sucks! So, I took the plunge. I uploaded my first novel, Brotherly Love & Betrayal to the program, and had over 2000 downloads the first free weekend. No cash in my pocket, but to prior to the upload, it was my bestselling paperback book, so why not share it for the mere opportunity to get a new audience? An audience of folks who could potentially say, “That Daphine can write her boo-tay off, lemme see what else this Diva has written.” Okay, well, maybe they won’t quite say it like that, but hey, they could.

Last week, I uploaded Mommy Moments to the program. I haven’t hit over 2000 downloads yet, but in the category, Parenthood, it is on the Amazon’s Bestseller list and has been all week. I’m ecstatic. It hasn’t fallen off the radar since the free promotion ended, it’s holding its own, and in more than one category. That’s darn good news. It’s  back to its regular price now and is still holding a spot at #19 Motherhood, and #23 Humor, Parenting Families.

I’d say it was worth the effort to make them both exclusive since I couldn’t possibly reach that many people on my own. There’s only so much Twitter and Facebook posting I can do in one day without boring everyone to death—and even then, it won’t warrant those kinds of numbers.

So, I’d say the coolest thing going now is Amazon’s program. I’m enjoying the ride, and knowing there are new people out there reading my books excites me. Thinking outside of the box is a good thing—at least for me.

This weekend, Feb 3 – 5, Brotherly Love & Betrayal will be available again for a free download. I’ve already seen new reviews that I assume are from the last free weekend, so I know I’ve made the right move. This comes on the weekend when I’ll have my release party for Too Many Lies. I envision new readers reading the free eBook of BLB, and going back to Amazon to see what else I’ve written, and pay regular price.

The possibilities are endless.

The view outside the box is sunny and bright to me.



(Are you an author who has rights to your own work? Check out Amazon’s program by clicking here.)

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