Things that irritate me [Part 4]

When I did the first Things that irritate me post, I never knew it would take off like it has. Here’s installment 4. 🙂

  • Athletes turned sports casters. Um… You played football and a network executive thought it would be good to give you a mic and stick you in front of a camera? #Really? Can you try to speak as if you’re NOT reading from the teleprompter? Can you buy a vowel? #aeiou (And sometimes Y) Ever heard of facial expressions? The stoic I’m on live TV y’all! look doesn’t cut it.
  • Please let me finish my order!

    Hotels that ask if I can use my towels over. H*^^ to the no! I don’t do that at home so why would being in a hotel make me want to wash my face with the same cloth I washed my butt with the day before? Is that what we’re calling eco-friendly these days? That’s eco-nasty.

  • People who stand over me when I’m on the phone. Really? You see me engaged in a conversation. I’m not talking to you. Back up and wait your turn. Better yet, leave and check back in a few minutes.
  • People who get too close or stand over me when I’m eating. Ever been in a restaurant and someone was standing over you too long? Maybe they’re waiting for wait staff to clean off the table. Maybe the waiter is taking an order at another table. Maybe the restaurant is very crowded and the line is near your table? It makes me feel like a circus side show. #watchhereat
  • Fast food order takers who cut me off in the middle of my order. Although they don’t know this when I order, my first job ever was in fast food so I know how to order. When I order a #16, I know what to say and in what order. I would like to have a SMALL #16, no cheese, sweet tea. I would appreciate you letting me tell you that I want a small before you cut me off mid no cheese to ask me what size. I said it right out of the gate: SMALL. Oh, you want to know what I want to drink, too? I told you a sweet tea. And dadgumit, you better not put cheese on it!
  • People who interrupt my/another person’s praise during church. If you see a person with their hands raised, screaming THANK YOU JESUS and tears streaming down their face, don’t try to hand them an offering envelope, a tissue, or a copy of the announcements. Don’t try to seat people on their row either if there are other seats available. That’s just wrong.
  • Uninformed people who take to social media about political/social issues and make themselves and their respective communities look bad. It’s okay to have an opinion, but everyone doesn’t need to know what it is or how ignorant you truly are.
  • On airplanes: people who jump up and wait in the aisle once the plane lands. Really? You jumping up and standing in the aisle is NOT going to make the door open any faster and your butt in my face is really annoying. Do you really think you’re going to make a run for it?
  • Clicking a link to a website and getting an advertisement for something totally different before I actually get to the site. Um, no thanks. You really annoyed me and I’ll probably never buy your product because you are a hijacker!
  • Bill collectors who call for people who used to have my number and think I really am Ms. Isenhour. No, she does not have this number anymore. No, I won’t tell you what my name is. I have had this number for 10 years. #sorrycanthelpyou

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3 Responses to Things that irritate me [Part 4]

  1. kimyatta says:

    That last one is my favorite…I had someone call me once looking for a Ricky Walker…who happened to live in the same apartment complex….so the first parts of our addresses were the same…I had to argue with one lady…because the LMNOP had the nerve to say, “well how do I know you’re not his wife?” I said, “Honey, if he lives here, that _________ owes me some rent, now please stop calling my house!”…Yeah..I was kinda ugly…but hey..You can only talk someone so long that said person doesn’t live there any more…

    Right along with the people interrupting your praise at church…when the preacher has you to “touch your neighbor and say…”…fifty ‘leven times during the services..I’m alright er’ now and then…but umm…yeah…we’re on number 25 and you haven’t even given the scripture text…THAT’S a problem!

  2. Donna D says:

    I try not to interrupt anyone’s praise. I may pry off your glasses and grab your baby, but I will most definitely get out of your way. I’ll wait until you settle down and offer you a tissue. I may rub your back, but you can keep on going and I promise to get out of your way if you feel the need to run, hop, dance, fall out, whatever.

    And can I add on the transportation woes? How come you are standing up in the front/rear of the bus/in the aisle when there are seats available and you are blocking er’body trying to get on/off while you are listening to your (whatever) trying to be cool with your 40/11 bags, holding the rest of us up!

    Oh yeah, to the folks on Michigan Avenue/the mall/whereever: Just because you don’t have anywhere to go doesn’t mean I don’t! Lead, follow or get the he77 out of my way!!!

    Whew… that wen’t on way longer than I planned…

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