Things that irritate me: Christmas Edition

It’s been a while since my last Irritate post. As the Christmas holiday moves to the distant memory sector of our minds, there are still a few things that stick out to me. I’m no Scrooge, these are just my observations because I’m all about observing before I speak. (He he he)

Christmas at the office:

  • Recipe experimenting
    I saw this on Pintrest and thought I’d try it.
  • Why do people who think the nasty recipe they only make once a year is the best thing ever?
  • Crockpot mac and cheese
    How difficult is it to put cheese and pasta in a crock and turn it on?
  • Green bean casserole
    Why do the non-cooking females bring it then have the nerve to make it in the office kitchen and microwave it before we eat? You mean you can’t even put it in your own oven and bring the finished product to the party? We’re paying you to “cook” on company time?
  • Christmas cookies
    Why does Christmas bring out the nastiest recipes and why do people want to experiment on their coworkers?
  • Potluck lunches where everything has dairy
    Whipped cream, cream cheese, milk, heavy cream or yogurt. No thanks, I’ll just have a slice of ham and some corm. Oh, you mean it’s cream corn with real cream? Just gimme a slice of ham.
  • Gag gift swapping games
    Why would I want to spend my hard earned money on something stupid and in return receive something more stupid than I purchased?
  • Why do people feel charitable only at Christmas?
    There’s always a designated office person who puts pressure on you by saying it’s all about the children. No, it’s not. Why aren’t we looking out for needy families in July when they need food or their A/C is on the blink? Why do we get all self-righteous at Christmas?
  • The person who gets upset at the words Merry and Christmas when put together. We don’t say Happy Holidays at Halloween for those who don’t celebrate trick-or-treating festivities or on Valentine’s Day.

Christmas in the hood:

  • Visitations
    If I haven’t come by to see you all year long, why should Christmas Day be any different?
  • People who ask what I am getting my husband for Christmas
    It’s not 1979 where you get one good thing a year at Christmas. He can buy himself anything I can buy. It’s all coming from the same pot anyway. Or what if I’m getting him something really private? (He he he)
  • When people say they’re foregoing a bill to get their Christmas presents. Really? If you can’t afford it, don’t get it. (Yes, I’ve been there and know what it’s like to not have anything at Christmas. Remember my 2013 video, Unscathed?)
  • People who buy too much stuff for the child they only see a few times a year and think they did something great.
  • When a grownup gets mad at a child because the child prefers the box a gift came in or the wrapping paper. Nobody told you to buy a toddler an expensive gift in the first place.
  • The grownup who gets mad a child because the gift they bought for the child actually scares the child. (Example: a doll who’s eyes close when you put her down, or a character that moves and you can hear the moving parts. That’s just creepy–leave that child alone!)

Christmas at church:

  • Ghetto renditions of the birth of Christ. Why does Mary have an attitude? Did she just drop the baby Jesus? The sound effects sound like sheep but there are no sheep in the scene. Where are the freaking sheep?
  • People who don’t know all of the verses of Silent Night. Can someone please give copies of the lyrics to the audience members? To the choir members?
  • People who are amazed at Celo’s new song, Mary Did You Know? IT’S NOT A NEW SONG! The song has been out for years by various other artists.
  • People who OVER decorate. Really? You have THAT much spirit? What do you do with all that energy the rest of the year? Are you donating your time, giving to charitable organizations, feeding the hungry?

Ok, I’m done.
BWL readers know I’m special! Take care until next time….


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  1. kimyatta says:

    Only you!! Lol. But we love you anyway. Love these.

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