Things I would post on Facebook if I weren’t on hiatus [Pt 1]

My Facebook friends probably have a lot less activity in their news feeds right now because  I am officially off Facebook from March 5 – April 18. If you follow me on my personal page, you know that I update pretty regularly and usually engage folks quite a bit.

We have fun. We connect. We share.

However, this year I decided to give up my daily activity during the Lenten season. It’s supposed to be a time of sacrifice, right?

I actually deleted the app from my phone because that little red dot indicating the number of likes/replies/requests can be quite tempting – addicting even. I haven’t been completely in the dark because I do engage in a few groups on FB and one in particular is pretty darn important and I ended up missing a meeting because that is our only form of communication. So, I log in every few days and check the group for updates. I deliberately skip the newsfeed because it draws me in and before I know it, I’ve spent an hour reading about everybody’s day. I must admit, I do still pick up my phone at odd times like sitting at a red light, waiting to order or sitting in the school car line only to realize I don’t have anything to check. I go on Twitter, but it’s not the same and hence defeats the purpose of being on lockdown if I’m just going to look for an alternative fix. So, I’ve been keeping a list of things I would post if I could: 

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dead cat along the road. Just passed one. #NineLivesHuh?
  2. Happy Birthday to my Diva Sister-Friend, Cherlisa Starks-Richardson! #Divas360
  3. I believe Kimyatta Walker and I are related somehow.
  4. It’s colder than a mug! (Well, my mugs are usually pretty warm because they’re filled with coffee, but you know what I mean.)
  5. Happy Birthday to my other Diva Sister-Friend, Donna Dickson Deloney! #Divas360
  6. What? ANOTHER WINTER STORM? I can’t be in this house with these kids AGAIN!!!
  7. Not the recorder again! Serenity now! (Seinfeld fans will get this.)
  8. Funny how everyday commercials have a sexual connotation. However, I must admit to giggling at the Hefty  Drawstring and Liquid Plumber commercials.
  9. This is so sad. CNN Breaking News – Mom who drove van into ocean off Florida charged with 3 counts of attempted 1st-degree murder.
  10. Woo hoo! Today I ran 5.14 miles for the first time ever!
  11. Just watched Resurrection. I’m hooked.
  12. Do I really see someone doing the Cupid shuffle on crutches? #yesIdo
  13. My son has found a new favorite movie, Drumline. OMG, if I hear flight of the bumble bee one mo time.
  14. #Whogotshot?
  15. Do I really see someone doing the Cupid shuffle on crutches? #yesIdo
  16. My dog snores.
  17. Billy Dee Williams is on Dancing With the Stars!
  18. Just watched 12 years a slave. It took me to a very dark place.
  19. I love, love, love the new Maytag commercials. My fave so far is the refrigerator.
  20. Bye-bye, James! #Scandal #Whogotshot
  21. Huh? My 31-day water challenge? What challenge? LOL, just kidding. I made it 5 days and messed around and made coffee for Big Daddy. It smelled soooo good. However, I’m having water for everything else during the day after my morning cup. What? I even had water on my birthday. Don’t judge. I’ve been more hydrated this month than I’ve ever been.
  22. I am so glad I’m on hiatus right now. I’ll bet my news feed is on fire. #Scandal Mellie gets laid, Quinn spits on Huck, Daddy Goon goes off again, James sees his shooter before entering eternal rest, and Cyrus does one hilarious ugly cry. (I know that was supposed to be serious but that was quite comical to me.
  23. My iPad is so outdated that I can’t update my apps!
  24. I love NBC’s Parenthood. Poor Max didn’t survive his overnight field trip. Sad thing is, parents really deal with this. God bless them.
  25. Can’t wait til June 27th. #Transformers
  26. CNN Breaking News – Malaysia Airlines has offered family members $5,000 for each passenger aboard Flight 370. #WHAT???
  27. BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Patrick Cannon arrested on public corruption charges.

Since I always have something to say, I’ll keep my list going for a Pt 2 post in April.

Y’all miss me?

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7 Responses to Things I would post on Facebook if I weren’t on hiatus [Pt 1]

  1. kimyatta says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Mad it took you this long to figure out that we’re related!!!! Just because we don’t know the how don’t mean it ain’t true. Lol…I can’t wait until Transformers either!!! And ummmm i’own see the problem with drumline!!!! #bandnerdsunite

  2. kimyatta says:

    Oh and Resurrection…..yes ma’am!!!!

  3. Donna D says:

    Girl, the biggest mistake of my life has been showing my son Drumline. That is how he learned to drum. That is his bible for drumming. That’s why he takes lessons, but never practices because Devin Miles is his hero. #Drumlineugh

    And happy belated my Sister Diva-Friend! (Though I caught you on the actual day.) #Divas360

    And oh, how I’ve missed you on Thursday nights! #Scandal

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