The Secret Ingredient

Mommy Moments Week 7
Guest Blogger: Twonzetta Nesbitt-Samuel

When I posted the request for guest bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, I received a private message asking me to reach out to this week’s guest, Twonzetta Nesbitt-Samuel. It was her very own mother who felt she’d be the perfect person to share in the series. Isn’t that awesome?

Daphine: Thank you for participating in the series, Twonzetta. Tell us about yourself.
Twonzetta: I am a mother of 4 boys and a military spouse.

Daphine: Are you a work-at-home mom or do you work outside of the home?
Twonzetta: I am a middle school teacher and a former stay-at-home mom.

Daphine: Wow, you have four boys AND you work with children all day? How do you manage work life and motherhood?
Twonzetta: Lots of prayer! I have found what works for me, and that’s what I do. To some, my lifestyle may be organized—to others it’s chaos. To me, it is organized chaos.

Daphine: What is your definition of motherhood?
Twonzetta: Motherhood is the journey taken by a woman who decides to not only care for her natural born children, but other children she comes in contact with. True motherhood requires a mother, not just a seed carrier. A mother is a woman who humbly accepts the responsibility placed upon her. She is a confidant of the best kept secrets, an advice giver, a friend, a misunderstood enemy, an activist, a negotiator, an intercessor, and the best prayer warrior. Regardless of her age, she yearns for and is equipped by God with wisdom. She is a symbol of biblical love bearing all things, believing all things, and enduring all things for the sake of her young. You want her on your side! It is the experiences by this woman that make up the word motherhood.
Daphine: What an awesome and well-thought definition of motherhood. That sounds like a Sunday morning sermon.

Daphine: Are there any stories or a particular funny story about your children you’d like to share? If so, what lesson did you learn?
Twonzetta: Regardless of how prepared you THINK you are, questions about sex or baby creation are never a comfortable subject to discuss with a six-year-old. Being a mother of all boys, I knew there would be some questions I’d have to answer that I would just have to pray to God that I answered right.

My six-year old, who is the oldest of my four boys, asks LOTS of questions. When I became pregnant with our fourth child, he of course wanted to know how babies were made. As we drove home from daycare, I came up with what I thought was the “seal the deal” answer. I said, “Well, a husband and a wife come together in a special way and God blesses them with a baby.” To make sure my son understood, I also told him it had to be a man and woman because God gave man a “secret ingredient,” and only a woman can carry a baby. Josiah was satisfied with that answer. Being proud of myself, I smiled, and was satisfied also—until Saturday.

Sandwich Saturdays.

Daddy works late hours and sometimes misses those “on the way home” discussions. He was clueless as to where his six-year-old was going with our lunchtime conversation. So our son says, “Daddy, I know how babies are made.” Immediately my husband gets nervous and begins to look at me. With pride, I smile and say, “Yes, because mommy told him.” I then let my six-year-old give his daddy the rundown. Impressed, Daddy smiles and says, “Yes, son, you are exactly right,” and continues to make sandwiches.

Then, Josiah keeps talking…

And I immediately know where this is going (since he is the child who acts like me.)

I start trying to motion to my husband to change the subject, and he didn’t get any of my hints. Instead he wanted to let Josiah talk until he arrives at the big question.
“So, Daddy,” he says. “Since you are a man and you have the secret ingredient, what’s the REAL name for the secret ingredient?”

My husband stops and frantically looks at me for help. I tell him I can’t help him, that’s why I was warning him to change the subject. My husband looks at me, then Josiah, then at his slice of bread and says, “Mayonnaise, son. Now eat your food.”

Josiah and I both say, “Mayonnaise?”
Josiah says, “Well, that just doesn’t make any sense!”

It was then that I began to research books that spoke on sex and how to explain it to children. I don’t want to rely on the world to teach my kids about sex and drugs because the world doesn’t love my kids like I do. So now both me and my husband are ready for the talks. (The books I found were called God’s Design for Sex series.)

Daphine: Now that’s funny! Mayo, who knew? What an awesome interview, Twonzetta. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  1. Michelle Nesbitt-Wright says:

    This is an amazing interview, and only a glimpse into this Amazing Woman! She’s truelly a virtuous woman, and her children will rise up and call her Blessed! Her and her husband have known each other since elementary school! Loved each other just as long, and it shows in the children! I can’t wait to hear more. I’m so Proud to be her mommy.

  2. Manuela says:

    greetings, good blog, and an excellent understand! definitely one for my book marks.

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