The -ers of Motherhood

When I thought about all of the things I do that make me Mom, I came up with a lot of words that ended with the suffix, -er. I started a list and stopped at 63 entries. After sleeping on it for about 10 days, I was able to finish my list. Can you think of any more -ers of motherhood (parenthood?)

1. Boo-boo kisser
2. Vomit cleaner upper
3. Homework helper
4. Chauffeur/driver
5. Story listener
6. Bedtime story reader
7. Meal preparer
8. Losing soccer game cheerleader
9. Teacher
10. Dance recital attender
11. Solo loudest clapper
12. Scary monster chaser
13. Sleepover hoster
14. Friend picker-upper
15. Bad kid chaser off-er
16. Bicycle riding teacher
17. Discipliner
18. Roller skate teacher
19. School project helper
20. Bottom wiper
21. Poop cleaner upper
22.  Red juice stain carpet cleaner
23.  Pants-to-shorts transformer
24. Broken ceramic figurine fixer
25. Don’t tell daddy cover upper
26. Plumber check writer
27. Auto body/dent remover payer
28. Remote control finder
29. DVD player fixer
30. Latest kid video buyer
31. Bloody nose stopper
32. Cough syrup giver
33. Spilled milk wiper
34. Fever reducer
35. Sick child rocker
36.  Scraped knee bandager
37. Chicken nugget buyer
38. Drive-thru driver
39. Back-to-school supply shopper
40. New shoes buyer
41. Button sewer
42. Homework left at home fetcher
43. Classroom baker
44. Field trip driver
45. Wee hours of the morning bad dream comforter
46. Chores reinforce-er
47. Consequence giver
48. Chore checker
49. Midday school assembly attender
50. Bad grade comforter
51. Bible teacher
52. Jesus introducer
53. Story reader
54. Babysitter hire-er
55. Been there, done that reminder
56. “Dad and I are a united front” reminder
57. Against animal cruelty teacher
58. Seatbelt safety officer
59. Dangerous situation teacher
60. Healthy habits enforcer
61. You-can-do-it reminder-er
62. Stay in bed reminder-er
63. First step helper
64. “I said no” repeater
65. Snack fixer
66. Kid-friendly vacation planner
67. Hugger
68. Kisser
69. Hair smoother
70. High self-esteem builder
71. Internet police officer
72. Cartoon watcher
73. New movie release goer
74. Public bathroom taker
75. Late night store goer
76. Life preparer
77. Craft maker
78. Good judgement teacher
79. Family history teacher
80. Inappropriate language ear-cover-upper-er
81. Bill payer
82. Grocery shopper
83. Hungry boy feeder
84. Lip gloss purchaser
85. Icee on a hot day buyer
86. Ice cream shopper
87. Summer camp register-er
88. Hair cutter
89. Braider
90. Teeth brusher
91. Tub scrubber
92. Toilet flusher
93. Drain unplugger
94. Kook-Aid maker
95. Brownie baker
96. Sidewalk art helper
97. Nature viewer
98. Stranger danger teacher
99. Overseer

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3 Responses to The -ers of Motherhood

  1. Donna says:

    Let’s see what you left off:
    Wii Player
    “Mommy I’m wet” middle of the night body washer
    Sheet changer
    “Hush Little Baby” singer
    “Hush Little Baby” rapper
    Shoe tie-er
    Glasses finder-er
    Glasses purchaser
    Glasses replacer
    Stop crying at the dentist comforter
    So proud of you grinner
    Assistant choir director-er
    iPhone provider
    Computer monitor-er
    YouTube watcher
    What are you watching-er
    Turn that offer
    Homework reviewer
    And on, and on, and on…

  2. Nakia Navarro says:

    First dance partner 🙂

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