The Birds and the Bees

Week 1

To kick off the Mommy Moments blog series, Books, Writing, and Life welcomes Donna Deloney. Donna is a married mother of two. She is also the author of Journey to Jordan, and a contributing author of the Bended Knees anthology. She is currently working on her second novel, A Decent Proposal. It will be released in 2012.

Daphine: Thanks for agreeing to participate in the Mommy Moments blog series as a guest blogger.

Donna: It’s an honor. Thanks for having me.

Daphine: You’re welcome. So, how long have you been a mother and how old are your children?

Donna: Well, I’ve been a stepmom for 13 years, he’s 28 now. My youngest son is seven.

Daphine: Wow, that’s certainly a large gap.

When I contacted you about doing an interview, you mentioned your younger child educating you on the birds and the bees. Tell us more, please.

Donna: My son, he’s seven. He’s pretty bright for his age. You know how people say kids are a sponge? Mine is a mop.

Daphine: He soaks it all up, huh? That’s funny.

Donna: I didn’t realize how much he paid attention to stuff that we, his dad and I, watched. One night my husband was heading upstairs and I started to follow.

Then my son says, “You should go upstairs and have sex.”

Naturally, we both stopped, turned and looked at him and said, “What did you say?”

He figured out from the shocked looks on our faces that he had said something, well, inappropriate.

Daphine: Wow.

Donna: Since he was terrified to repeat it, we tried to figure out if we heard what we thought we heard. We couldn’t figure out where he came up with that. Later, my husband remembered we were watching reruns of “The King of Queens” and apparently, that’s what the characters said they were going to do when they went upstairs!

Daphine: That is too funny. Did you ever get him to confess where he heard it?

Donna: Nah. He didn’t quite remember. But for a long time, he refused to say “the s-word.” If it threatened to come out of his mouth, he’d clamp his hands over his mouth.

Daphine: I’ll bet! What are some challenges of having two children with a wide age range between them? Or do you have any?

Donna: My stepson has been out of our house for some time. From the moment I married his dad, he wanted a baby brother. He’s crazy about his little brother. The biggest problem is that he’s an adult. When the boys spend time together, my stepson plays music with adult content. My stepson knows we don’t allow that kind of music to be played in our house and around our youngest. But when he’s in his own car, we can’t control what he listens to. We have to caution him that his lifestyle can’t run counter to what we’re teaching his little brother.

Daphine: I’ll bet your younger son really looks up to him, huh?

Donna: Oh, he adores his big brother. He doesn’t want to do anything to make him mad, and he’s always showing off his accomplishments.

Daphine: I certainly understand trying to balance your core beliefs with the world’s system—without looking like the bad guy.

Donna: We’ve been blessed that he’s surrounded by others in our family who have the same moral code and faith system as we do.

Well, thank you for that hilarious story about what grown-ups do when they go upstairs. That was too cute. Are there any last words of wisdom you could leave us with?

Donna: The one thing I was always sure about was that I wanted to be a mother. Now that I am a mother, I’m not sure about anything!

Except I LOVE being a mom!
Please visit us next week for Week 2 of the Mommy Moments blog series.

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  1. The interview was priceless! It’s amazing how small children can absorb so much so quickly.

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