That moment when…

Crazy things pop into my mind throughout the day. I’ve been keeping a list of things I call That moment when… It’s kind of like my Things that irritate me list. So here goes: That moment when…

  • you accidentally set off your car’s panic alarm and can’t find the key fob in time to  disarm it.
  • you realize your boss is younger than you are.
  • you are rocking out, jamming, getting your groove on so hard in your car, you don’t realize people are staring at you (and pointing.)
  • you realize the people you know and love did NOT pay attention in English class.
  • while channel surfing come across a song from before your kids were born and you lose your darn mind. (That’s my jaaaam! Finger snapping, hands in the a-yer)

    That moment when you're seat dancing in your office an someone walks in.

    That moment when you’re seat dancing in your office and someone walks in.

  • you realize you’re older than you act.
  • the people you used to look up to become total idiots to you.
  • you want to go straight ghetto fabulous/hood/gangsta/redneck/whatever, but you decide to keep your composure in Burger King.
  • reality sets in two days before the holiday. (I invited how many people to my house? I said I’d cook what???)
  • when you meet your significant other’s family; especially the same sex members of their family and you know they’re “sizing” you up.
  • when you go into the public restroom for some “real” privacy and someone else comes in.
  • while at the movies, a sex symbol appears on the screen and everyone screams except you because you’re with your significant other.

What about you? What’s your moment?

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4 Responses to That moment when…

  1. When you realize you’re older than your doctor. And your pastor. And People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”.

  2. Donna Deloney says:

    You make some reference to something from the 70’s and most of the people you work with give you a blank look and have to Google it.

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