That moment when…(Pt 2)

That moment when…

  • you are running late because of your significant other and you look at the clock in the car 150,000 times before you arrive at your destination. #laterthanlate
  • you realize you didn’t hang up the phone/press end and they can still hear you.
  • your kids have Beats but don’t know who Dr. Dre is.
  • you go to a family function and your “favorite” family member has yet another way for YOU to make money.
  • you talk yourself down from pulling the teenager behind the counter across the counter or through the drive through window.
  • your phone goes off in church, in the movies, in a meeting.
  • you pass gas and someone walks in.
  • someone asks you to taste something that isn’t good at all.
  • you see someone you thought was a god/goddess after 20 years and thank the real G-O-D for saving you from that mess.
  • when you see the blue light in your rearview mirror. #wasispeedingofficer
  • when all you can do is pray.
  • when nobody but God understands.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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One Response to That moment when…(Pt 2)

  1. Donna D says:

    That moment when you’re thinking of one person and you see someone and call them by the name of the person you were thinking of.

    …when you look at someone that you’ve known for years and you blank on their name.

    …when you want to snatch up your child because he calls the 90s the “olden days”.

    …when you realize you are as old as your parent/aunts/uncles were when you were a child.

    …when the child/ren you babysat have children of their own.

    I think that’s enough!

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