Tips for Aspiring Authors [#24] Create a GoodReads Account

Attention new authors: Do not sleep on If you don’t have an account, create one. Set it up as an Author account. What is GoodReads, you ask? In GoodReads’ own words, it describes itself as: A free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone’s bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#23] Engage your audience

Have you finished your first book and are wondering what to do next? How about engaging your circle of friends and people who have already read or purchased your book or story? You have social media accounts, right? I have several social media profiles: Two Facebook public pages for promotional/informational stuff and two actual profiles. One profile is for me and the other is for my character, Stanley Thompson. I also have Twitter, Instagram and … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#21] Never give Up–Diana Nyad style

As I drank my morning cup of coffee and watched Willie Geist of NBC’s The Today Show interview Diana Nyad this morning, her words, Never give up, resonated with me and I celebrated with her in spirit. It is so encouraging to see someone set a goal, no matter how absurd it may see to everyone else, and actually accomplish it. How many times have I said those same words, Never give up, right here on … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#22 ] Work on your public speaking skills

When I was a teen, my family became active in church which meant I had to become active. I was asked to read the announcements, act in plays and my worst fear, asked to pray. I remember people telling me just open your mouth and God will give you the words to say. Um, that’s not true. If I opened my mouth, I would be standing in front a church full of people with an … Continue reading

Blog plan or random thoughts?

Do you have an idea for a blog but can’t quite make it pop? Do you want to start one with random thoughts? If so, what would make people visit your site to read your random thoughts? Are you a writer/author/public figure and people want to hear from you or are you a random Joe who wants to be heard? There’s nothing wrong with that if you are. I started as a random Jane rambling … Continue reading

Writing faith-filled stories

Writing for God, whether fiction or non, can be a hard job to take on. Imagine the following: Writing a story that you “Christian-alyze” and when people pick up your book at events, they set it down because the cover looks “preachy.” Writing a story and when you tell people about your book, their eyes glaze over when you get to the part about the character turning their life over to God. Pitching your book to … Continue reading

Tips for aspiring authors [#20] Blog often to build an audience

Things take time. It’s that simple. Take this blog for example. It has taken a lot of time for me to build up readership, followers and a regular schedule, but it is finally taking off. It took time to get here. Almost two years to be exact, and by my standards, I’m still not there. Would I like to see more subscribers when I look at my dashboard? Sure I would, but I’m thankful for the … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#17] Don’t be a one-hit-wonder

When I think of one-hit-wonders, I think of a recording artist who had a popular song years ago, and that was all they were ever known for. There are some one-hit-authors out there as well: one-book-wonders. Ever wonder what happened to the author who wrote the book (insert book name)? Aspiring authors, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, write and keep on writing. Don’t just write one book and think it’s going to … Continue reading