My Indie Life

I’m a writer. I am rolling in the dough. I spend time writing pool/fireside. I host book signings all over the country, and I sit back and soak up the many accolades from the millions of readers I have. GOTCHA! Nothing could be farther from the truth. A day in the life of a full-time mommy/not-so-glamorous Indie writer looks kinda like this: Morning: Start a pot of coffee Boot up computer Check and update social media sites … Continue reading

Interview with Stanley Thompson | The man readers love to hate

It is my goal to get readers up close and personal with the characters they read about as I continue my interview series with the main characters from Too Many Lies. Last week I spoke with Deidre Thompson, this week it’s Stanley’s turn to sound off. DGR: Thank you for your time, Stanley. So, we’ve heard from your ex-wife, Deidre, now it’s your turn. I am happy you accepted my interview request. Tell us a … Continue reading