Awakening the Mama Bear…

Week 5   This week we welcome Jill Hardy, guest blogger, for the Mommy Moments Blog Series. Awakening the Mama Bear…and then Getting the Tranquilizer Gun Whenever I’ve heard stories about “Mama Bears” tangling with folks who are foolish enough to mess with their “cubs,” I’ve always sort of furrowed my brow. I mean, it’s not that I’m not protective—no one who knows me would accuse me of that—I just tend to be a little laid-back when … Continue reading

Male Perspective

Welcome to Week 3 With yesterday being Father’s Day, it’s only fitting to have this week’s blog post from a dad. This week, Michael Sheffield shares his views of parenthood. ——- Like most men, remembering the details of everyday life is not my forte’. Funny and maybe a little sad, I can remember details from a management meeting, but not the details from a family dinner. I know they happened, but heck if I can … Continue reading

Talking Teenage

Week 2 Welcome to week two of the Mommy Moments Blog Series. If you haven’t downloaded the Mommy Moments ebook, you don’t know what you’re missing. This week we have Doctors Barbara R. Greenberg and Jennifer A. Powell-Lunder, clinical psychologists, sharing with us. They specialize in working with teens and their parents. Through their own experiences, they have listened and learned from a LOT of teens.  When I tweeted the request for guest bloggers for the series, they jumped right on … Continue reading