You are beautiful

Maybe you’ve seen it floating around the Internet, but I recently saw this for the first time on Facebook. There’s no credit to give to this young man because the video doesn’t give a name or anything. I’ll bet he has more to say or more videos somewhere. Who is this guy? If you know who he is, let me know. I like to give credit where credit is due. Maybe he’s a writer. An entertainer? … Continue reading

Crippled With Fear at the Back of the Room

When I finished grad school, my one and only goal was to find a job in human resources. No other job would do. Since this was my second time around, I was going to do this right. I was going to be somebody’s manager, and a darn good one. The human resource websites, trade magazines, and books gave me a euphoric feeling, and I was armed and ready to work. A year later, I was … Continue reading