The Secret Ingredient

Mommy Moments Week 7 Guest Blogger: Twonzetta Nesbitt-Samuel When I posted the request for guest bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, I received a private message asking me to reach out to this week’s guest, Twonzetta Nesbitt-Samuel. It was her very own mother who felt she’d be the perfect person to share in the series. Isn’t that awesome? Daphine: Thank you for participating in the series, Twonzetta. Tell us about yourself. Twonzetta: I am a mother … Continue reading

Pink Poodles in the Airport

Mommy Moments: Week 6 I’d like to welcome Amy Mitchell-Washington as our Guest Blogger. Below is Amy’s post, in her own words: I’m a mother of four amazing children. My two daughters from my first marriage remain my greatest accomplishment in life. I’ve been blessed to have the gift of amazing love and a covenant friendship with my second husband, who has afforded me an opportunity to be a mom to a son and daughter. … Continue reading

Wanna Be a Guest Blogger?

Are your kids getting on your last nerve?  Do they do things to make you laugh, only to turn around and do something to make you mad moments later? Do you always make your friends laugh by telling them parenting stories? If the answer is yes, you should share your story right here on Books, Writing, and Life. To celebrate the release of my ebook, Mommy Moments (summer 2011), I will be hosting guest bloggers for a  Mommy … Continue reading