Things I Put My Parents Through: As Told By the Culprit

It’s the finale and I’m so excited! It has been an awesome summer blog series and it is only fitting to end the series with a little humor. This week’s post is from someone who isn’t a parent, but if he were, oooh the stories he’d share. This week, Drake Hill, a dear friend from my college days, is sharing his version of Mommy Moments from the child’s perspective. If you know Drake personally, you can only imagine … Continue reading

Awakening the Mama Bear…

Week 5   This week we welcome Jill Hardy, guest blogger, for the Mommy Moments Blog Series. Awakening the Mama Bear…and then Getting the Tranquilizer Gun Whenever I’ve heard stories about “Mama Bears” tangling with folks who are foolish enough to mess with their “cubs,” I’ve always sort of furrowed my brow. I mean, it’s not that I’m not protective—no one who knows me would accuse me of that—I just tend to be a little laid-back when … Continue reading

Wanna Be a Guest Blogger?

Are your kids getting on your last nerve?  Do they do things to make you laugh, only to turn around and do something to make you mad moments later? Do you always make your friends laugh by telling them parenting stories? If the answer is yes, you should share your story right here on Books, Writing, and Life. To celebrate the release of my ebook, Mommy Moments (summer 2011), I will be hosting guest bloggers for a  Mommy … Continue reading