What a difference a year makes

I am so happy that I made the decision to publicly share my fitness journey last Spring. When I started running it was hard, but quitting was not an option. I knew I’d be able to do it, I just didn’t know what the end would look like. The goal back then was to finish a 5K. When I finished my first, I thought Okay, what’s next? I’ve done five 5K’s, lost 3 pant sizes, and … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#21] Never give Up–Diana Nyad style

As I drank my morning cup of coffee and watched Willie Geist of NBC’s The Today Show interview Diana Nyad this morning, her words, Never give up, resonated with me and I celebrated with her in spirit. It is so encouraging to see someone set a goal, no matter how absurd it may see to everyone else, and actually accomplish it. How many times have I said those same words, Never give up, right here on … Continue reading

The empty womb

I’m a witness: the things that hurt us  most are the things that make our testimonies so effective, our individual ministries so powerful and are the very things that help others overcome their obstacles. God is so awesome  – He allowed me to be able to do this after 17 years. I really don’t mean to be morbid during this post Mother’s Day season, but for some people, Mother’s Day sucks and not because they … Continue reading

BW&L features Christian Poet, Michael Williams

I attended a book signing in Dallas in 2007 and met a gentleman who recited poetry to me. I know, it sounds funny but read on. We’d just finished a kick-off event at a local library for a big festival the next day and a friend introduced him to me. When he asked me if he could give me sample, I said sure not knowing what the sample would entail. As an author, you meet … Continue reading

Jesus Words 4 Today [Blogs I Follow]

I love sharing things with BW&L readers and today I’m sharing the first in a series called Blogs I Follow. I discovered Jesus Words 4 Today sometime last year when my Facebook friend, Mark Hamilton Stevens, posted a link to a post that intrigued me. What I like about his blog is that he’s practical in his thinking and often poses questions that I would be inclined to ask—questions that have gotten me the side-eye … Continue reading

Steadfast and unmoveable

The title of this post just hit me and I had to get this brief message out. Readers of this blog and social media followers know that I, like other people in this world, have had my share of ups and downs. I posted my most recent testimony on YouTube and I talked about things like being unemployed most recently while I was going through it. However, only God and I know about those moments … Continue reading

Writing faith-filled stories

Writing for God, whether fiction or non, can be a hard job to take on. Imagine the following: Writing a story that you “Christian-alyze” and when people pick up your book at events, they set it down because the cover looks “preachy.” Writing a story and when you tell people about your book, their eyes glaze over when you get to the part about the character turning their life over to God. Pitching your book to … Continue reading

Unscathed in 2012

  In case we’re not friends on Facebook or you didn’t receive the email blast yesterday, here’s my testimony of what happened to me and my family in 2012. Unscathed in 2012 is on my new YouTube channel. Click the picture on the left and it’ll take you there. Be blessed, DGR

Keep your head up, literally!

Have you ever been so focused on getting someplace that you missed key landmarks along the way? Ever get into such a pattern of doing things that you miss major pitfalls because your attention was somewhere else? Let me describe something I recently experienced: It was a rainy day and for some reason I decided to park my car and walk inside the school to pick up my son instead of driving through the car … Continue reading

Downtime vs. Meantime

How would you describe your free time? What do you do when you have nothing scheduled? I’ve been faced with the following questions more times than I can count over the last two years: What do you do with yourself since you’re not working? You have a lot of downtime, huh? At first I was somewhat appalled because it seemed that those asking the questions assumed that I slept until noon every day and watched … Continue reading