Tips for Aspiring Authors [#24] Create a GoodReads Account

Attention new authors: Do not sleep on If you don’t have an account, create one. Set it up as an Author account. What is GoodReads, you ask? In GoodReads’ own words, it describes itself as: A free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone’s bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are … Continue reading

He knows the desires of your heart

Here’s today’s inspirational word of the day/testimony service from yours truly. Statement: I’ma do a lil sumpn-sumpn different today cause I gotta mix it up a lil ‘er now and den, ya feel me? Na mean? Translation: Most of the time I post articles that I personally write just for my readers. Today, I am posting a video I recorded recently. Do you know what I mean? 😉 Yeah, I had a silly moment. Anyway, click … Continue reading

Steadfast and unmoveable

The title of this post just hit me and I had to get this brief message out. Readers of this blog and social media followers know that I, like other people in this world, have had my share of ups and downs. I posted my most recent testimony on YouTube and I talked about things like being unemployed most recently while I was going through it. However, only God and I know about those moments … Continue reading

Are you in the mood?

Catchy title, huh? I mean in the mood to make some declarations for 2013. (Get your mind right. Hehehe!) So it’s another year and like many who declare the start of a new year a new beginning, I’ve made a few silent declarations that I’ll now make public. My first one began in November 2012 when I promised myself to eat cleaner, wholesome foods. Ideally, foods that grow from the ground, not foods that are … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#19] Fear of heights

I was fortunate enough to accompany my son on a field trip to the mountains recently. I’d been to this place before and in my mind I’d hoped he wouldn’t want to get on the chair lift to go to the top of the mountain. Well, low and behold, of the four eight-year-old boys in our group, three wanted to go. The other mom and I looked at each other, secretly hoping the other would … Continue reading