[Book Review] Uncovered by Shenette Jones

Pulsepub.net recently started following me on Twitter. As usual, I clicked their profile to check them out and found they are a publisher located right here in North Carolina. I was intrigued so I looked them up, searched their authors and was particularly intrigued by a book by Shenette Jones entitled, Uncovered.

Uncovered by Shenette Jones was a good CF read and I give it 4 stars and two thumbs up!

The story is about Minister Stephanie Hall and her husband of five years, Markus. Stephanie seeks more intimacy from her husband, who for reasons from his past, can’t be the sex machine she’d like him to be–but he hasn’t told her. She longs for intimacy since after all they are married, so why shouldn’t she be able to be sexually free with her husband? When they are together, she knows he holds back but doesn’t understand why. When she suspects that he has his eyes on a student he tutors, she refuses to beg for her husband’s attention and affection any longer and seeks to find what she misses from someone else. (The someone else was an interesting twist for me and I love twists.)

That’s all I’ll say because you can read a more detailed book description on Amazon. What I will say is that I loved this book! When I see books similar to Brotherly Love and Betrayal, it always intrigues me because I like seeing how other authors tell variations of the same story. I was genuinely surprised at the direction this book took and the things Minister Stephanie did. She was off the chain but not in an unrealistic way. I could really identify with her and she could have been someone I personally knew. It showed we’re all human and no matter what titles/positions we hold, no one is above sin, everyone has pain of some sort and we all have moments we wish never happened. This book tackled adultery, emotional adultery, low self-esteem, family hurt and secrets, betrayal, interracial relationships and black church culture.

Although these are all serious topics, (not black church culture, although I guess it depends on what church you attend, LOL) the author did an excellent job of weaving together a story that kept my attention. The pacing was good, the twists and turns kept me up reading when I should have been sleeping and the fact that it was a Christian fiction read with as much drama as an urban story, was a super plus for me.

As a fellow author, I sometimes find it hard to enjoy going to the movies or reading a book because I find myself studying the mechanics, predicting outcomes, plot structures, conflict, etc. I did none of these things while reading this book. I found it at a time when I needed a break from writing and was pleasantly surprised and entertained. I love it when I read the last word and can honestly say it was a good book.

Great job, Ms. Jones!

I recommend and give 4 stars!

(Thanks for following, PulsePub)

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8 Responses to [Book Review] Uncovered by Shenette Jones

  1. kimyatta says:

    See..there you go giving me more crack! NOW THIS ONE is going on my list. Brotherly Love and Betrayal is already in my queue to be read on my Kindle App, so now I see what’s going after it! Thanks a lot Daphine!

    Your Favorite Book Junkie…

  2. Donna D says:

    I’m with Kimyatta. It’s not enough that I’ve got 5,001 books in my kindle TBR. Adding to the pile does not help my cause…

  3. I am so excited to see that Uncovered grabbed another reader’s heart! You know, when you write something, you always expect it to be a great read and when you’re done with it you look at it with dignity and say “Well I think it’s good!” But it isn’t until well respected authors or passionate readers look at your work with appreciation…it isn’t until then that you can finally confirm in your heart….YES it’s good! I’m so grateful and I especially appreciate the time taken to follow up with a review for me. Awesome! Blessing to you Daphine!

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