Rejection Rant

I’ve been waiting on today, February 23, since the beginning of the year. Actually, since the day I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. When it was announced, I did my homework: I researched the contest criteria; I read through the judges’ profiles and even read excerpts from last year’s winners.

I mean seriously, did I think I’d win a contest out of five thousand entries? Well, there’s always hope, right? Did I think I’d at least make the second round portion of the contest? Yes, I did. See, I know I can put a subject and verb together. I can create some drama. I can have readers turn the pages of the book and even garner an email or two about how some reader just loved my book.

I told myself not to expect too much, but I also told myself: 1) the sky is the limit, 2) keep the faith, 3) with God, all things are possible. (It’s in the Bible, and it’s true. I believe that.)

Earlier this week, I logged onto the contest’s page just to see if people were buzzing about the upcoming second round announcement. They were. I quickly closed the forum and went about my merry way, busying myself doing other things as not to worry about a possibility. I thought about it this morning as I was driving and hadn’t thought about it again until a few minutes ago when I went into my email account.

I received an email that thanked me for participating in the contest and it said that entries moving on to the second round had been announced. It detailed the steps to login, where to click, and how to search for my name. My name on a list of 1000 entries moving onto the second round.

I nervously scrolled down the list which was in order by first name. There were no d-a-p’s. Oh, well. Although I reasoned it was long shot, the sting of not even being included in a list of 1000 entries is a bitter pill to swallow.

Drinking a glass of sweet, orange-flavored Kool-Aid right now. #bitternessgone #Imoverit



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5 Responses to Rejection Rant

  1. Corey Burkes says:

    I’m sorry Amazon didn’t see the brilliance in your writing. While you are enjoying your kool-aid, for you to write these thoughts, it must have been a little bit of a hard disappointment and I can relate without doubt. Most times, as you know, writing your thoughts is far easier than, say, yelling at someone. But who can you yell at.

    While my words hold no real value as I do not enter too many things, I encourage you to continue entering your work because most of these selections … approximately 85.8% of them are not chosen as personally and patiently as we think. Thousands of stories come in and they grab what they can, read a paragraph, maybe even less … pick one with a cute title … and then they have a selection.

    I use to work for an ad agency years ago. They did contests too for major companies and the people picked to win were usually picked by people randomly around the office. It was a very caviler way of doing things that ruined me about contests ever since. One person looked into the pile of post cards, saw that one woman submitted her post card with a picture of her body … against the rules … but she won.

    Easily deniable. Easily sworn that these things are fair. But we will never know what goes behind the scenes when they have thousands of entries and they can’t read each one no matter how much they tell you they do. Do you really think they’ll hire out to have someone read stories? That’s extra money. So they get a couple of people around the office. They have other responsibilities and hate the fact they were assigned to do this and barely give your work a chance.

    Next thing you know, people are demanding the first round of stories then its a mad dash to pick anything and keep it moving.

    The problem is… they missed a genius. Yours is to be earned elsewhere. I promise you that.


  2. Traci Williams says:

    Thank you for posting this. Being an aspiring author I get LOTS rejections and sometimes they are a little hard to get over. I have to remember to get back in the saddle and realize that even the most successful were rejected at one point or another. I have to also remember that God’s “Yes” can surpass any “No” that I encounter. You just gave me the motivation to continue. Thanks for the transparency!

  3. Cherlisa says:

    It’s admirable that you stepped out on faith and tried. That was the first step. There are a lot of people never even attempt. Keep the faith and don’t give up. Your time is coming.

  4. Daphine says:

    Wow, Corey! That sheds a whole other light on contests. No wonder you asked me if the project I mentioned earlier was a contest.

    I usually don’t do rants, but since I get a lot of aspiring author traffic here, I figured I’d put out the bad as well as the good. Frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I pitched Too Many Lies. That’s why I decided to go for it. I’m glad I did. Oh well, time for a refill.

  5. NIKAY says:


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