Pink Poodles in the Airport

Mommy Moments: Week 6
I’d like to welcome Amy Mitchell-Washington as our Guest Blogger.
Below is Amy’s post, in her own words:

I’m a mother of four amazing children. My two daughters from my first marriage remain my greatest accomplishment in life. I’ve been blessed to have the gift of amazing love and a covenant friendship with my second husband, who has afforded me an opportunity to be a mom to a son and daughter. They range in ages from 17-28.

In my professional life, I listen, listen, listen! My work as a professional psychotherapist is trying and demanding. Many nights I come home and find that I don’t want to listen to another person’s problems or issues. Yet there’s always something that has to be listened to, as someone, if not all, of my children have something to say about something. (Or they need help solving a problem about something, or need a hug about something.)

Some nights I drive on the freeway wondering do I have enough left to:

1- Embrace all the drama surrounding an adult child and his issues surrounding being married and working towards adult goals.

2- To deal with three diametrically opposed girls who know how to bring drama!

But even with all that, I love them all, and somehow I still find a way to be so excited every time I’m in their presence. They along with my husband bring me so much joy. I find however, that in this stage of the game, I feel comfortable keeping a little bit of the sand from the urn for myself and my husband as we forge a new life for ourselves as a couple in another season of our lives.

The other night my husband and I were talking about our two youngest daughters Hilary and Mimi. Hilary has now graduated from high school with honors, and Mimi will graduate next year and move on to college, and all the wonderful world of independence. For us, our time with these two was always marked with hilarity as they just seemingly didn’t care about much.

They seemingly were always messy with a cloud of dirt seemingly hovering behind them as a breeze went by, not

Pink poodles receive preferential treatment in First Class.

unlike Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoons. So, we found ourselves laughing about our family trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas in 2002, and had thoughts of a long forgotten episode with these two who now are beautiful young ladies, who seem somewhat embarrassed about how absolutely nutty they both were.

So it was in the middle of LAX that my husband and two other children were frantically looking for an 8 and 9 year old. Hearts pounding, we didn’t know what to think, and of course like most parents who cannot find their kids, we were just panic-stricken. Suddenly, collectively we looked to the right, past a crowd of travellers jockeying to get to the counter to check in bags, argue about seats, and address dismay in post 911 travel about the long, long waits.

Something, something, SOMETHING drew our attention to the right of Delta Airlines terminal…and there they were!
We saw these two weighing their pink poodles that they begged for and gotten from some wacky souvenir shop in Caesar’s Palace.

Oblivious, oblivious they looked at Hilton and I as if to say, “What?” I immediately told them to sit and not move! They did. But it didn’t last. On the plane ride back to South Carolina, the family was separated, and because we missed our flight, we had seats all over the plane. So it was, that my two little ones flew 3,000 miles in First Class of all things! I spoke with the flight attendant about keeping an eye on the two of them, and gave them the infamous instruction as usual to be still.

Somewhere over the Rockies, or perhaps the Great Salt Lake, or maybe somewhere in the Midwest, I heard a sound that let me know that I would forever regret the day that I bought those dern pink poodles at Caesar’s Palace—the barking sound of those fluffy pink things were strutting down the narrow walkway of the 757. Behind them there they were, my two little girls who were only too happy to tell everybody about their warm towels, orange juice and other accoutrements gotten in First Class.
A long day of trying to get home after two weeks on the west coast with my amazing family was comical…just comical, and totally unforgettable. It’s a memory that I will always cherish.

I’m glad for the opportunity to spread a little humor!

Thanks, Amy! I can relate to the First Class seating. Mine say, “You mean we get to sit up here and everyone else gets regular seats?” I wish they wouldn’t say it as people are standing in the aisles waiting to get to coach.

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