I do it everywhere!

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I do it in the kitchen. I do it in the car. I do it on the desk. Sometimes I do it in public. I've been known to do it alllll night long! I do [...]

[Book Review] Scream by Mike Dellosso

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Over the weekend I finished a book I downloaded some time last year as a freebie on Amazon—Scream by Mike Dellosso. I should’ve read it sooner. If you’ve ever read any of Frank Peretti’s earlier [...]

Unscathed in 2012

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Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Yeah, I'm expanding my online presence.   In case we're not friends on Facebook or you didn't receive the email blast yesterday, here's my testimony of what happened to [...]

ABAY is back

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It's almost time for the Second Annual A Blurb About Your ____  or ABAY! Last year we celebrated small businesses and other writers. Remember that? (Search the archives from April 2012) TWO thumbs up [...]

[Book Review] I Met Him In the Ladies’ Room by Michelle Stimpson

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What happens when someone who knows nothing about God, the Bible or church in general  goes for an interview at a mega-church? They pretend to know the Lord in order to get the job and [...]

A few things that irritate me

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My brain is always going and I get inspiration for stories and blog posts all the time. I love the notes app on my phone for those moments when something could turn into future material. Having said [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day from Stanley Thompson

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What's up readers of Books, Writing and Life? Strange title for a blog, but whatever. This here is your man, Stan. Yeah, the one and only Stanley Thompson, aka Stan-the-Man. (Hit me up on Facebook at [...]


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I recently came to the conclusion that saying NO more often than YES will be my best course of action going forward. Why am I so late on completing Sacred Lies? I said YES to [...]

Are you in the mood?

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Catchy title, huh? I mean in the mood to make some declarations for 2013. (Get your mind right. Hehehe!) So it's another year and like many who declare the start of a new year a [...]

Happy New Year, my peeps!

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This won't be the traditional Happy New Year message with the well-thought-out words of wisdom about this being your year, bla bla bla. I simply want to wish you all blessings from the bottom of [...]

Keep your head up, literally!

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Have you ever been so focused on getting someplace that you missed key landmarks along the way? Ever get into such a pattern of doing things that you miss major pitfalls because your attention was [...]

Downtime vs. Meantime

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How would you describe your free time? What do you do when you have nothing scheduled? I’ve been faced with the following questions more times than I can count over the last two years: What [...]

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month

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I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year. It’s a great way to jump-start the fall season writing bug I get around September 30 every year. Not familiar with it? NaNoWriMo is [...]

Mother Thompson | Meddling mother-in-law

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I recently had a chance to sit down with Mother Thompson from the acclaimed novel, Too Many Lies. If you read this outstanding, faith-filled novel about a woman who took all she could from her deceptive husband, [...]

When one door closes…

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...or two, maybe three. Many years ago I was part of a ministry that was lacking in the area of young adult activities. I remember a meeting where a group of young married couples met [...]

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#19] Fear of heights

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I was fortunate enough to accompany my son on a field trip to the mountains recently. I’d been to this place before and in my mind I’d hoped he wouldn’t want to get on the [...]

An encouraging word from Author Cherlisa Richardson

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Today I'm sharing a post from my writer-sister-friend's blog,   Believe Is there anything that you can’t do? Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ who give me strength. If we [...]

Hanging with Stanley

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This was my Facebook status update yesterday: It's September 30, the first day of hibernation, the first day of the ole hunker-down, the first day of let's do this! Anyone else have internal clock settings [...]

My Indie Life

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I'm a writer. I am rolling in the dough. I spend time writing pool/fireside. I host book signings all over the country, and I sit back and soak up the many accolades from the millions [...]

Want a FREE copy of Invisible Girl?

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Hello, avid readers! I am looking for readers who would like a FREE copy of my new short story, Invisible Girl: The Suicide Journal, in exchange for a review within 30 days. It is a [...]

Interview with Stanley Thompson | The man readers love to hate

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It is my goal to get readers up close and personal with the characters they read about as I continue my interview series with the main characters from Too Many Lies. Last week I spoke [...]

Interview with Deidre Thompson | Why didn’t you leave sooner? (Part 2)

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Part 2 of my interview with Deidre Thompson, the main character in Too Many Lies. Click here to view the trailer. DGR: Deidre, after last week's post, there was buzz surrounding the book and your [...]

Interview with Deidre Thompson | Why didn’t you leave sooner? (Part 1)

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Today, I am pleased to post my recent interview with Deidre Thompson, the main character in Too Many Lies. Many readers have wondered what kind of woman would stay with a man like Stanley, and [...]

Too Many Lies is free Labor Day weekend (Fri-Sat)

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This is what  happens when you have your hands in too much stuff at once. I just happened to be cruising Amazon and noticed my book was free this weekend. Yeah, I scheduled it that [...]

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