Tips For Aspiring Authors [#22 ] Work on your public speaking skills

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When I was a teen, my family became active in church which meant I had to become active. I was asked to read the announcements, act in plays and my worst fear, asked to pray. [...]

I wrote WHAT? [Run for God]

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Greetings! I'm coming down off my "5K high" and getting ready to jump back on Stanley Thompson of Too Many Lies fame. (For those of you who don't know, Stanley is a fictional character in [...]

Make the decision to do it [Run For God #4]

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I love this picture! I made the decision to do it and I did. I ran my race yesterday! It was exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. I didn't get much [...]

Journal 2013 [Run For God]

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This is actually being written as I prepare for my first 5K race which is scheduled June 22, 2013. I pray this journal will inspire someone to press through the pain of achieving their goals. [...]

No excuses–an analogy [Run For God]

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Running, writing, whatever--NO EXCUSES! As you know, I've been on my running high lately and I hope I am inspiring someone to do what they have dreamed of doing. When I think of [...]

Cross the finish line [Run for God Post #3]

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According to my running app, the race is 11 days away. WHEW! Boy, how time flies. Well, The time is sooo close... not really because I can see where every week went. I [...]

Endurance [Run for God Post #2]

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Push, press, endure In February 2013 I started working on endurance. At first I started on the treadmill just walking. I needed to build up time first--walk longer, faster, harder. Then I worked [...]

Someday Goals [Run for God Post #1]

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In January of this year, I decided to start running--well, train to start running. Over twelve years ago I wrote my "someday" goals in a beloved journal I call The Goal Book. The only thing in [...]

Scandal Fever – a condition derived from watching the hit ABC drama, SCANDAL

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DISCLAIMER: If you are annoyed at the barrage of posts on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday nights between 10 and 11 pm EST, please totally ignore this post and continue on with your day. For [...]

The empty womb

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I'm a witness: the things that hurt us  most are the things that make our testimonies so effective, our individual ministries so powerful and are the very things that help others overcome their obstacles. [...]

Once upon a time…

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A little Mother's Day humor. Once upon a time... I could go to the bathroom in peace and spend as long as I wanted to in there. Drive a car without another body sitting next [...]

Blog plan or random thoughts?

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Do you have an idea for a blog but can't quite make it pop? Do you want to start one with random thoughts? If so, what would make people visit your site to read your [...]

He knows the desires of your heart

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Here's today's inspirational word of the day/testimony service from yours truly. I'm sooo excited! Statement: I'ma do a lil sumpn-sumpn different today cause I gotta mix it up a lil 'er now and [...]

BW&L features Christian Poet, Michael Williams

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I attended a book signing in Dallas in 2007 and met a gentleman who recited poetry to me. I know, it sounds funny but read on. Michael Williams' book of Christian book of poetry. [...]

Jesus Words 4 Today [Blogs I Follow]

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I love sharing things with BW&L readers and today I’m sharing the first in a series called Blogs I Follow. Visit Jesus Words 4 Today, a blog by Mark Hamilton Stevens. I discovered [...]

[Book Review] Uncovered by Shenette Jones

By |April 22nd, 2013|Categories: |Tags: | recently started following me on Twitter. As usual, I clicked their profile to check them out and found they are a publisher located right here in North Carolina. I was intrigued so I looked [...]

BW&L features Jae Henderson

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This year for ABAY I am featuring other bloggers. The first in the series is Author/Blogger, Jae Henderson. I had the pleasure of meeting Jae Henderson for the first time at last year’s Faith and [...]

It’s our anniversary!

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Books, Writing & Life is two years old! Year #2. Sing it with me: It's our anniversary, yeah-yeah, anniversary... Two years ago today, I made my first post on Books, Writing & Life. [...]

Steadfast and unmoveable

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The title of this post just hit me and I had to get this brief message out. When the storm heads your way and you can no longer see the sun, stand firm and [...]

A few things that irritate me [Part 2]

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On February 22, 2013, I wrote a post entitled A few things that irritate me as one of my Friday Funny posts. It was one of the most popular posts for the month. This is Part 2 [...]

You are beautiful

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Maybe you've seen it floating around the Internet, but I recently saw this for the first time on Facebook. You are beautiful. There's no credit to give to this young man because the video [...]

Writing faith-filled stories

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Writing for God, whether fiction or non, can be a hard job to take on. Imagine the following: Writing a story that you "Christian-alyze" and when people pick up your book at Christian fiction requires [...]

RSS link repaired (oops!)

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I'm sorry! I like to click buttons to see what they do. I did a site redirect last week and apparently, that was a bad idea because followers who use rss readers to follow Books, [...]

Tips for aspiring authors [#20] Blog often to build an audience

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Things take time. It’s that simple. What are you waiting for? Blog! Take this blog for example. It has taken a lot of time for me to build up readership, followers and a [...]

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