Operation Step Up My Game

I posted on my Facebook page that January 1 was day #1 of Operation Step Up My Game and I asked my social media friends to pray for me. Although I included some LOL’s at the end, I’m very serious about this. I have three main goals for 2014 besides the obvious of growing in my walk with God through prayer, service and obedience. These 3 “earthly” goals will help me on my earthly journey through life.

Goal #1:  Run longer distances this year

Um, run/walk. Last year my goal was to run. Period. This year it is to accomplish 6 mile runs without passing out. First, let me clear something up. I am a runner, but I have NEVER run 3 miles straight without some walking.

I have

  1. a running pace of 12 minutes/mile.
  2. a barely trotting/I ain’t gone quit pace.
  3. an all-out forget this, I’m walking pace.
  4. a combination of DAPHINE, DONT STOP/SHUT UP, DAPHINE, I’M TIRED pace. (Yes, my brain be yelling at me.)

I have never run a full 3-miles without some variation of the aforementioned paces. The closest I got was during Sweat With Your Sole at Black Girls Run last September where I did run for 2.8 miles until my legs asked what the bleep I was trying to accomplish. I came so close to running the entire thing, but I did finish. Nevertheless, I shall push for a double dose of 2013’s goal this year.

Who am I trying to beat? #Onlymyself

Goal #2: Professional certification

Being bi-vocational is interesting because I love writing and I love the human resources field. Professional certification will prayerfully open doors in the future. I have purchased numerous study aids since 2001 and here it is 2014 and I still haven’t achieved this goal. Apparently the pass rate on this particular exam is dreadful, but with God, all things are possible. I shall proceed with the attitude of by the time 2014 ends, I will have another set of letters behind my name. #NCHRLady

Goal #3: Complete two books.

Well, Deception and Lies is 75% complete, but with all the challenges I’ve endured over the last two years, completing it feels like I’m starting from chapter one all over again. The man you love to hate, Stanley Thompson, and I have been spending a lot of time together as he tells me his story so I can tell it to you. He’s still real “special.” 

I also have another story that is burning my brain and must be told. If it is not published by December 31, 2014, at least it will be complete. Lord, help me!

So, there. I put it out there. Just like that. I know y’all will hold me accountable just like you did last year with Run For God.

Until next my next post,

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4 Responses to Operation Step Up My Game

  1. I ran a marathon (24. 2 miles) by running and taking walk breaks…it saves your legs by walking intervals, and I can run/walk a 12-minute mile…and you get the same health benefits…I say this as someone who has been running for 20 years now…And I’m a fitness instructor as well…I hope info helps…And you that achieve your goals!

  2. I feel you Daphine I have myself on a 90 Day Go Hard Or Go Home Challenge. We can do it!

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