Once upon a time…

A little Mother’s Day humor.

Once upon a time…

    1. I could go to the bathroom in peace and spend as long as I wanted to in there.
    2. Drive a car without another body sitting next to me changing the radio station and stealing space in the cup holder.
    3. Go to the grocery store and stick to my budget.
    4. Go to the movies, buy 2 tickets and see an adult movie.
    5. Dine in a restaurant and not have to ask for extra napkins to clean up a spill.
    6. Leave work and go straight home.
    7. My day ended at 5 o’clock.
    8. I was the smartest woman on earth.
    9. A quick trip to Walmart was a quick trip to Walmart.
    10. Having active kids sounded like fun.
    11. Mealtime was simple – Hamburger Helper for everyone!
    12. The music I listened to was cool.
    13. I was a super shero.
    14. Laundry was a once-a-week thing.
    15. When I said STOP, it meant something.
    16. When I put something in a specific place, it was still there the next time I needed it.
    17. Saturday’s were days when I did NOT get up at the same time I did during the week.
    18. Breakfast could wait.
    19. Things didn’t “accidentally” fall in the toilet.
    20. I could walk through a completely dark house and not have to see a chiropractor or an orthopedic doctor the next morning.
    21. My quiet time was uninterrupted.
    22. I could close my eyes in the shower and no one was standing in the bathroom when I opened them.
    23. I wondered why there were so many stain remover product commercials.
    24. I didn’t worry about where the little ones were because they were always at my side.
    25. Wearing a helmet to skateboard, scooter surf or ride a bike seemed utterly ridiculous.
    26. I prayed for children and God gave them to me.

…and we all lived happily ever after. 🙂 Moms, you feel me?

Happy Mother’s Day!



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6 Responses to Once upon a time…

  1. Kimyatta says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!! You hit the nail on the head…..especially A-Z!!! Lol…

  2. Kimyatta says:

    Wait…il don’t remember I…..

  3. Donna D says:

    I could add a few more, but your list was pretty accurate!

  4. Donna D says:

    How about: when the Wiggles songs replace the praise songs in your head? When the Disney/Nickelodeon channels are prime viewing? When your movie nite out involves a cartoon character?

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