No more Walmart Rx lines!

I had a series of social media posts late last year that started out, I run because…

Well, one post was …because in January I want to blow my doctor’s mind. Well, today (1/22/14,) I went to the doctor and am happy to announce that I am officially off prescription meds for obesity related illnesses! In the words of Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, HOT DANG! (Well, I do take Flonase for allergies but that’s something I can’t seem to get rid of, especially living in the south.)

No more blood drawn every few months to check for adverse effects to other organs, no more long lines in Walmart waiting for my meds, no more answering yes when I’m asked if I take medication for any illness or condition. I’ll still have to say yes, due to the Flonase ‘cause technically, you do need a Rx for it, but… I’m done. Caput. Finished.

Now on to the lifelong journey of sticking with the plan so I won’t have to endure what I’ve endured for the last 7 years because of obesity. Am I there yet? Nope, I haven’t reached my weight goal yet, but the steps I’ve taken this far have made a big impact, so much so that I can ditch the Walmart lines and save some money.

This is how I felt when the doctor left the room!

That’s great news!

I decided to chronicle my journey last year for several reasons.

  1. I knew by me publicly telling my story, it kept me honest.
  2. I knew you all would hold me accountable by asking how things were going, but most importantly,
  3. I wanted you all to know it could be done. If I could do this “get healthy thing,” you could actually accomplish your goals, too; whatever they may be.

I’m so excited.

Now comes the maintenance… I don’t want to be a rebounder, you know the people who lose a lot of weight and then 2 years later they’ve gained all back? So, keep me in your prayers.

This is a life-long journey.

  • One day at a time.
  • One step at a time.
  • One bite at a time.

What are you waiting for? Do that thing you’ve been trying to do. Let this year be your year to post your OMG, I DID IT! (And let me know when you do it. Please share. 🙂

Back to writing…

Be blessed!



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6 Responses to No more Walmart Rx lines!

  1. kimyatta says:

    YES!!!!! This is the most awesome news. You have me more ready to do the prescription ditch!!!! The day is coming!!!!!!

  2. Awesome news! Keep at it! Fitness has become one of the loves of my life!

  3. Whoot… There is it…

    • Daphine says:

      I love it!
      Hi, Orsayor! Thanks for stopping by. (I responded to this on the day you posted, but I see it was still sitting here.)

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