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I recently had a chance to sit down with Mother Thompson from the acclaimed novel, Too Many Lies. If you read this outstanding, faith-filled novel about a woman who took all she could from her deceptive husband, you know that Mother Thompson played a major role in her son’s deception.

Mother Thompson declined an official interview with BW&L but did issue the following statement. 

Mother Thompson does whatever it takes to keep up family appearances.

“First of all, thank you for allowing my son  to have his say when you interviewed him last month. The interview really helped him get some things off his chest and hopefully clear his name. My son is not the evil monster you portrayed in your so-called book.

Secondly, in my own defense, I will say this: Any mother who loves her son will do all she can to make sure he makes something out of his life. She will not allow a hoochie mama, short-skirt-wearing-skank-gold-digger to ruin all of her hard work. A good mother raises her son to be a man, not a boy who’s going to take up with a tramp. No ma’am, not under any circumstances. I did what I had to do, short of killing that ho. I did what I had to do to cover up the mess she created. I’m glad there was a jail cell to keep her away from my boy back then. Although I did come to care about her over the years because of my granddaughter, I was very upset that she tried to ruin my son’s life and what he had with daughter-in-law. Deidre was a good woman and she will always be my daughter-in-law. I don’t care who Stanley might marry in the future. Deidre will be always hold a special place in my heart. I know I hurt her deeply by keeping my son’s secret for so long, but Deidre knows in her heart that I did it to protect her and my son. The way I handled things was wrong. I know that–but I had good intentions. I really did. That’s all I have to say. I need to go take a pound cake out of the oven for the Pastor’s dinner fellowship tonight. Thank you, Ms. Robinson, and goodbye. ”

Well, folks, there it is in her own words. #wow


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  1. Jami Greene says:

    :),…love it….funny thing is when I read the book I had conversation with myself as to what I would do as a mother in Mother Thompson’s shoes….

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