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"I cannot begin to explain the joy or the fulfillment our granddaughter brings."

With yesterday being Father’s Day, it’s only fitting to have this week’s blog post from a dad. This week, Michael Sheffield shares his views of parenthood.


Like most men, remembering the details of everyday life is not my forte’. Funny and maybe a little sad, I can remember details from a management meeting, but not the details from a family dinner. I know they happened, but heck if I can recall what was said sometimes! Guess that’s just one of many reasons God made wives and mothers.

My name is Mike. I am a father and a grandfather. I joined the  parenthood ranks as a step-father without having children of my own. So, my perspective is somewhat different from the mainstream, but then again, as you have often heard, parenting is more than biology.

In today’s world, it seems we men like to play and then run away. I am here to say it is a choice we make. I decided that loving their mom without loving them is both selfish and unrealistic, so I give without expecting return. Once I let them into my heart, the rest was simple—not necessarily easy, but simple just the same.

Our daughter worried us to no end during the teenage years. We tried to give enough room for her to grow without being too constraining. Sometimes, I think we gave too much and expected too little. It is hard to say because she was forming; a forming butterfly has to have some room for growth.

She totaled two cars.
Broke us.
Worried us.
Now God has blessed my daughter with a living, breathing miracle of life.

My wife and I are experiencing grand-parenthood together. I cannot begin to explain the joy or the fulfillment our granddaughter brings. I watch her smile. I see her eyes open with comprehension and awareness every day. The other day, she discovered finger-snapping. She is 6 ½ months old, and she is trying to snap her fingers. She can giggle one moment, cry the next, and coo the next as she takes her bottle. Of course, I might add, my awareness of children is changing because of her. I have learned babies can get a condition called “cradle cap,” and you can’t feed babies peanuts, honey, or eggs. Babies must have something wrong with their taste buds because baby food bananas are awful—yet she smacks her lips after eating them.

Our son worried us with regard to school. Was he going to graduate or not? Then he went into the Army and taught us how to pray! The Iraqi war and his enlistment coincided. As a result, we were glued to the nightly news, starving for any sign—any news that things were okay. Instead, we heard of massive graves, more soldiers being killed and wounded, and all of the explosions the media are so fond of reporting.  But, God was merciful and brought our son home. He left a child and returned a man.

Moving from father to grandfather is new territory.

I would also have to say that my definition of parenthood is now different, too. When it comes to having two adult children, if they need money or something now, it’s like, “Oh well, they can take care of it themselves.” On the other hand (bless her little heart,) don’t sit that baby down and let her cry. She needs more loving, not less.
“I cannot begin to explain the joy or the fulfillment our granddaughter brings.” In all seriousness, both our adult children have learned to take care of themselves. They may not do everything “our way,” but they do know how to handle life—sometimes better than we did, I think.

Thanks, Mike, for sharing. It’s always nice to know what the guys are thinking. Your granddaughter is a real cutie! Congratulations. Come back next week for Week 4 of the Mommy Moments blog series.

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