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I love sharing things with BW&L readers and today I’m sharing the first in a series called Blogs I Follow.

Visit Jesus Words 4 Today, a blog by Mark Hamilton Stevens.

I discovered Jesus Words 4 Today sometime last year when my Facebook friend, Mark Hamilton Stevens, posted a link to a post that intrigued me. What I like about his blog is that he’s practical in his thinking and often poses questions that I would be inclined to ask—questions that have gotten me the side-eye when dealing with “church folk”—particularly church folk in traditional (very traditional) churches.

He argues the points that the same traditional church folk would not dare ask because they believe you shouldn’t challenge traditional church folk thinking. He recently posted something about giving that was profound and made me laugh at the same time because there have been many Sundays when I sat on a pew asking the same questions. I like people who challenge others–people who aren’t held hostage inside a box.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post:

We have merchandised the anointing so much, that church is 90% business and 10% actual ministry! You would be amazed at the professed Christians (to include clergy), that don’t actively win souls. There is more emphasis on raising money in our churches than there is winning souls! And it is killing our churches. Yes some of the money preaching churches have large numbers! I have visited many of them and they have one thing in common, they keep the congregation hostage by telling them if they don’t give they won’t be blessed! So everyone is waiting for the “sanctified lottery” with God!

If you want some Word with mixed with practical Teaching that allows you to ask Questions and look at things through clear lenses instead of rose-colored glasses, stop by Jesus Words 4 Today. It’s refreshing…and tell him Daphine sent you :-). (BTW, I don’t know Mr. Hamilton. I just love what he writes.)




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